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  1. Attack on Titan binge

  2. Fuji

    Mac Beta?

    Blizzard always has mac clients for all their games, so yes it is, I believe you can also play on ipad.
  3. I'm assuming you're still relatively new, so I don't have much options to give you since you lrobably don't have many cards. You're best bet is to just do your best to win gold, once you think you have enough cards to create a descent deck, look online to find quality decks that people use. I've started playing last week. I've earn 20 packs and bought 7 more, just enough to get a solid deck. My warrior deck/ + 15 win streak 2x Upgrade 2x Inner rage 2x Leper Gnome 2x Fiery War Axe 2 Amani Berserker 2x Slam 2x Cruel Taskmaster 2x Frothing Berserker 2x Raging Worgen 2x Warsong Commander 2x Arathi Weaponsmith 2x Arcanite Reaper 1x Captain Greenskin 1x Argent Commander 1x Gorehowl 1x Grommash Hellscream
  4. I kiss prostitutes

  5. Neverwinter is addicting.

  6. I'd probably spend most of my time in your fridge if you had me over
  7. Welcome to the vVv boards and enjoy your stay. Ohh, I miss those late night WoW raids and countless amount of energy drinks and kool-aid.
  8. I live across the street from it, so there shouldn't be an excuse to not be there.
  9. These LoL playercards are lookin' dope. Stay tuned!

  10. I love me some cornbread

  11. I really want to play SWTOR. I've heard from many people it's a lot better than WoW. Reason I can't play is becauseI have Mac Pro. I might just install windows just to play it.

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