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  1. I thought it was fantastic. On each game for that matter. I may not follow SC2 seriously, but watching it pumped my body up haha. I thought all around, everything was played good. A lot of upsets.
  2. Awesome player. Saw him play throughout the 2010 Circuit. Best of luck man! I support this.
  3. Chidori

    Oreo's 2nd vVv Re-App

    Chill guy. Hopefully everything is all good this time around, wouldn't mind seeing a familiar face back in vVv again! Best of luck. If you haven't already, send a friend request and we can play Gears again, I'm down.
  4. Start doing some requests around here, to show support and activity. Great GFX work by the way! Hope to see you stick around. Best of luck dude.
  5. I thought working one job was bad ass again. But now I'm working two. #SWEET

  6. :,( Good luck in your new goals though! Always know that you are welcomed here (;.
  7. Such an amazing weekend. Can't wait to see what changes bring to vVv!
  8. Start my first day of work on the 3rd of August! Awesome!

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