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  1. vVv LtZ beats MoB Deep 3-2
  2. Please close my app. Just from seeing some of the immature conversations that banter back and forth between members of vVv has led me elsewhere. It's petty and pathetic and some people just need to GTFU!
  3. Trilogistic

    Fozzy's App.

    Good luck on your app!
  4. Trilogistic

    Dhein Application

    Good luck on your app!
  5. Good luck on your app!
  6. Trilogistic

    Carzy App

    Good luck!
  7. Trilogistic

    LeG3nD vVv App.

    Good luck on the app!
  8. Trilogistic

    xMuRcH's App

    Good luck on your app!
  9. Even while on vacation, I'm thinking of you all!
  10. Good luck on your app Frogyyy!
  11. Trilogistic

    Halo 3

    Good luck on your app!
  12. I think your just jealous! :)

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