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    Gears of War 1 and 2 and Mario Party
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    Cheese Burger
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    Austin Powers
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    Im not sure
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    I like to do many things basically anything you can think of

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  1. What the Justin Kenny

  2. Ohadd

    Force II Staff App

    Force give me a sig.
  3. LoL let someone do your dirty work don't talk shit about me you no life asshole.

  4. vVv Fuji

    16 Oct 2009 - 15:48

    your a joke.



  5. Yea and you still got slapped double hosting and on fios get outta here

  6. Ohadd

    Apple's vVv App

    Hes got Raw Talent and hes a good guy. Why would he be my dubz partner. LoLz. good Luck Adam
  7. This gb allstar complained about me splitscreening in a gears dubs match LOL

  8. Ohadd

    Adam is Obese vVv App

    Played him in a GB. He was good but then got angry cuz we won. Good Luck anyway man you seemed angry anyway before we played.
  9. Dude. Stfu. LoLz.

  10. Ur a BK... LOL <3

  11. Ohadd

    Force II vVv App

    he never said he played good though. 0:

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