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  1. NevaaeH

    VeXeLz vVv Ap.

    if this kid gets accepted into vVv, you guys need to fucking kill yourselves..... Fucking terrible at the game and not a team player VeXeLz Eat a dick kid your a faggot
  2. NevaaeH

    NevaaeH vVv App

    close app please
  3. NevaaeH

    NevaaeH vVv App

    i love you guys too much to leave
  4. pr you are my homeboy :]

  5. NevaaeH

    VeXeLz vVv Ap.

    complete asshole not a fun person to play with talks way to much trash and he cant go to any events
  6. NevaaeH

    NevaaeH vVv App

    i love everyone in vvv but can you close my app please
  7. PR i freaking love you
  8. konvict i freaking love you

  9. NevaaeH

    NevaaeH vVv App

    things didnt work out with my previous team. I am now with Jenny Gunz - iTz PR - Stiles - Me of course ill see you guys in a week and a half
  10. NevaaeH

    NevaaeH vVv App

    i like your sig that shit is beast
  11. NevaaeH

    NevaaeH vVv App

    thank you guys
  12. NevaaeH

    Krushhh app

    Never had the chance to play with or talk to, but good luck!
  13. NevaaeH

    NevaaeH vVv App

    Just for an update, I will be attending the columbus event. I am teaming with Fatal Has Luck - Beast Masion - Supa dupa Sly - and myself of course. We are called Profection. See you all there! also if anyone wants to hit us up to scrim it would be greatly appreciated. tY!

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