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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
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    Thunder bay, Ontario
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    Gears of war 2
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    linkin park
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    Football, basketball and biking
  1. Jetiks

    Energetiks vVv App

    i was gone for a few days working outta town sorry i was so inactive without leaving a message
  2. Jetiks

    Energetiks vVv App

    sounds good man i will , and ty.
  3. Jetiks

    Energetiks vVv App

    thanks davids and ryan i remember you from radz, thanks to you too spezia
  4. Jetiks

    EnerRGy vVv App

    hey man good luck with the app
  5. Jetiks

    Energetiks vVv App

    haha thanks duckiez,,and enerrgy wasnt your gt vindictivve?
  6. Jetiks

    Energetiks vVv App

    thank you david, yogurt, and nitrouz good luck to you guys too
  7. Jetiks

    Energetiks vVv App

    thanks alot i will
  8. Jetiks

    Energetiks vVv App

    thanks alott you too
  9. Jetiks

    Energetiks vVv App

    Feel free to ask questions anyone or add me on live Energetiks is the tag..im always looking to meet people
  10. Jetiks

    Methods vVv app

    Good luck with the app bro good fit right here
  11. Good luck on the app duckiez
  12. Jetiks

    N17EMAR3 vVv App

    Good luck with the app bro

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