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  1. Good luck with your app man, if you make it I suggest you make a team instead of just being a community player. You and Rey should make a team and invite me to it because I'm a a boss with the FAMAS.
  2. InfamuZ

    SweetRey App

    My Boi Sweetrey going in. Good luck kid.
  3. Whats up dude I ve played scrims with you before on spaarkz teamI think you are

  4. This is why I want to be a part of vVv Gaming, because the creator is someone intelligent who does not hold back on something eveR! lol I wish I could've gone but I guess all local events for me from now on
  5. I am interested in Marketing and International Affairs, I also wish to study Architecture. I have not attended an MLG event because the first time meadows came around I never had any interest because it was Gears1 and I sucked at it, afterwords Gears2 Meadows came around but was not able to attend because I was busy with school, I only have 7 days left of school and then I have finals, I want to finish this year on a good note. What I have to offer to the vVv community is experience, I have done a lot of stupid things throughout my life although I am 17, I want the community to learn what happens if you don't do the right thing and also because I like to help people and learning from others will help me grow as a person.
  6. Thanks man feel free to add me so we can play or scrim anytime.
  7. Alright then I will add you lol
  8. Cool, add me so we can play and scrim
  9. Lmao what was your old gt????
  10. lol ps, Thanks man good luck to you also.
  11. Yeah man Thanks, Wish you best of luck to you as well, Add me my gamertag is Infamuzplayboi currently don't have my 360 I will get it tomorrow so add me so we can play and scrim etc.
  12. What recently brought my attention to vVv Gaming was the fact that vVv Optics told me to sign up, he explained how the person who lets you into the community is a real chill guy who I would like to meet. To be honest I did not know that vVv Optics was an amateur gamer, I thought he was a Gears of War 2 player because he is a really good player, I recently found out that there are two sections that I can enter to become a vVv player. If you believe that this application should be moved to amateur gamer, I will not hesitate to take action, although I will be attending any local Events in the future. Of the traits listed, I believe that the most important one is Respect in my opinion because everyone should give respect in order to gain respect in order to reach the level of potential that the person wants to achieve. I am sorry for not answering in the past few days I appreciate the time you have taken to read over my Application, I just want to be able to represent vVv gaming, if any changes need to be made please let me know. Thank You.

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