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  1. im not sure what BM means im just a little confused by the last post in general.
  2. well im here to help in whatever way. Not sure what you need but im sure we could talk about it. Rapture seems to have a nice interest hes already making excellent combo vids ect.
  3. im all for engaging the players and apps but I don't know the people that run the tornys or the top guys. Im not sure how any of that works to be honest did vVv know all the top gears players when vVv was starting out? The more vVv members that are seen repping this game online the more interest it will draw in the community. The MK9 division started completely from me playing ranked matches online. That is where I met napalm who then introduced vVv to REO and Krazie, wonderchef and CD jr ect it all started through online play and me finding a top player that had no affiliation and it just snowballed into vVv sponsored players taking tornys. No idea if vVv will have that success with this game as the top player already looks to be former vVv but that doesn't mean we cant have a presence in this title.
  4. happy for him but damn REO just took the first big injustice torny of the year.... surprise surprise 16,000 viewers for the finals on stream just saying
  5. I would absolutely be down. I work a lot but Ill be on most of the night tonight and I have this upcoming Tues off. If anyone gets on tonight invite me and lets group up!
  6. thanks Rob! long time no talk! Hope all is well. Good to know you guys are looking at this. I will keep updating with torny news and general info to hype this title. Had a rough start in ranked... really, really rough but im 50-30 now so back on track baby.
  7. so far every review is hype and its already getting huge steam turn outs over 6000 people just on the wednesday night fight stream this past week. Sad it seems that vVv isnt really looking at it
  8. So much buzz on this game right now with so much online activity its a shame it looks like vVv is paying it no attention. Not even sure if the staff members even read theses threads honestly.
  9. got mine yesterday with my fight stick... awww yea add me on live! GT: vVv Depredation So far its awesome I think Ares is my guy but man even with his counter zoning pressure its hard right now to get in on zoners still being new at the game. Aquaman.... christ... sooooo good.
  10. ya no joke MK9 is beyond hit or miss one game will be smooth as silk and the next you have to dumb down all your combos because you cant land them. They addressed the netcode of MK9 and have said they completely rebuilt this so please jesus be the truth!
  11. that cause KG is boss, to bad my C's are washed up it was a great run and at least I can say I got to see all 4 boston sports win a title in my life time. back on track this game is gonna be ridiculous. Im really surprised more vVv members or staff at least haven't commented on this thread im sure people are reading it, its got a ton of view but just a small amount of peeps leaving feedback. ARES looks so good! Can we say online beast with the zoning and the the teleports in front and in back of the opponent the mixups are gonna be stupid. Cant wait for Tuesday I have the day off and my stick will be here!
  12. HYPE im just going to post something awesome from this game every day until more people start looking at it!
  13. http://testyourmight.com/attachments/injstick-jpg.4829/ ohhh baby will have this come tuesday :-) I appreciate all the conversation would love to get some fresh perspective on it from some more staff members.
  14. I still don't understand the toxicity comments, I read the articles you linked and it was all based off of 1 guy on a show I have never heard of was it even aired in the US was it on cable? Sexisim happens all over the world at every job place in the country that's why every company has a human resources division. You have the HR people to tell you " you are being paid to work here act appropriately or your gone" Lets face it on a raw level most guys mentally are pigs, lets not act like we are better than we are. here is a quote from your article But Rea thinks the company could go farther. "I think it would be in [Capcom's] best interest to say to these guys 'Hey, if we're going to give you money, if we're going to sponsor your event with cash, you'd better keep it relatively clean.' It's in their best interest as a sponsor. That's kind of in the sponsor's responsibility." thats vVv's role among their own community. If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, if you want to be apart of this organization you will behave or you will be dropped. People conform to the behaviors of those around them, if we create the culture right out of the gate and set expectations I don't see any issues and I'm not sure this one particular article means much of anything.
  15. ya im not calling for the proplayers to sit on xbox live and play with every invite but you would boost the popularity of the division if there was a set time at any point where the community could learn from the sponsored players. Doesn't even need to be once a week just something. In MK9 you had a better shot at playing with REO or CDjr if you were a regular on the testyourmight site and they were vVv sponsored players. Thats all im saying. Without a community there would be no pros, remember that. No fans = no pro anything. Its all built off of and in the end paid for because fans make it happen I wouldn't call other vVv members that make it into each division a "joe random" kind of a slap in the face for all the work they put in to get those V's.

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