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  1. Beginning to see why people over the age of 18 don't really like you Yes that was what we were talking about I read your coverage, great work on it . Sorry If I came off rude towards you mini, I'm just honest and say what I think.
  2. I have talked to Wizard a few times, on mIRC only when we were both apart of vVv (I recruited your tf2 probably a year or so ago.) I too was just pointing out that "Placing Third" is misleading and can make it seem like the team did better then they did. As for the "Top 3 players alive comment" it was his opinion that 3 of those players were the top players alive and I gave my opinion that I thought it was ridiculous that anyone who followed CS 1.6 national/international scene would even think that. I could maybe see them being the best of Britain, at least near the top E: I don't care, Saw vVv managed to pick up a CS 1.6 team and came to check it out.
  3. You can't honestly follow CS 1.6 and believe that do you? I know there is some bias because you are cheering for the team an covering them, but from an unbiased view there is no way that statement is even close to true.
  4. Well, technically they did place third but the words are VERY misleading. They did place third in the group, but that's it they won't move out of group play and they certainly did not finish third in the tournament.
  5. h2k and FragX , I would be very shocked and surprised if they made it out of group play. Sorry to be a downer, best of luck anyway.
  6. BradT


    GoodLuck. I have talked to him a few times, he is nice.
  7. Hey Civv, We are expanding into PC teams now. Feel Free to send me a message on aim (vVv BradT ) IRC (if you use it) #vvv-gaming @irc.gamesurge.net Or just post on here and I will get back to you.
  8. Good Luck with your application.
  9. It's going to change everything about gaming that we know.
  10. Good Luck with the app.
  11. Nice post. Thanks for the nice words. Good luck to all vVv Teams this year.
  12. 1Gb and on the vista requirements it says 2Gb
  13. taylor.brad@gmail.com I wouldn't mind trying. Thanks. EDIT: Sorry Never mind that I don't have enough ram to run it.

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