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  1. I love you boo

  2. haha u come in and ill see what i can do. just let me know when u gonnac come.

  3. You still owe me that lunch!! :)

  4. Party party party LETS ALL GET WASTED!!!!!

  5. Party party party LETS ALL GET WASTED!!!!!

  6. Ill be at university school right next to Nova tonight at the gym gonna play some Volleyball.

  7. ConCeaLeD

    Nero Re-App

    good luck to you bro, dint think you would need to go through the app process again. best of luck.
  8. MW2 my xbox currently just got Red Rings... so Im playing on the ps3.
  9. ReJ I was in the GGL.COM tournament 4v4 for cod4 my Team took 1st Place. I have always participated in local lan events with cash prices. back for halo 2 and 3. Also participated in a resistance 2(ps3) tournament Team finished in 5th place in the ladder and we all recieved 150$ goft card to sony.com. In total these are the prices that I have won from gaming. 1. 32" HD LCD TV 2. 5.1 Surround sound system 3. Blue Ray DVD(black hawk down) 4. 150$ Sony.com gift card 5. around 350-400$ cash(local Lan tournaments)
  10. good interview. sorry about the immaturity from some of the guys some just act like they have never seen a girl before and crap just comes out of there mouth.
  11. Great article I shall embrace the suck!
  12. thank you guys..... havent slept in 30 hours i have alot of mw2 ahead of me.
  13. if any of you guys wanna play MW2 then I will be on that all day I took of work for the week. =)

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