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  1. happy happy b day toooo you

  2. bday 2mrro!! Monday Bdays <

  3. bday 2mrro!! Monday Bdays <

  4. SLumps

    Wish Bonee's App

    Decent player havent really seen him play since some hammerburst lan back in March I believe but he was solid and I would assume he has continued to improve. BTW this is Darkness if you can even somewhat remember that local.
  5. SLumps

    HBM Team App

    Fully Spaced > Forsaken (Name and placings wise). Carson do you even play GoW anymore? or moved onto MW2? Make sure those team names stay Fully Spaced
  6. SLumps

    Scrappy amateur app

    GL and stay active. Good player right here.
  7. Very thought out and informational prediction thread. I like how you gave us info about both teams rather than assume we know what's happening.
  8. GL to you and your app.
  9. Lol. It was a good interview.
  10. SLumps

    T SoLaR vVv App.

    Goodluck dude.
  11. Having vVv Destiny place 7th twice, vVv The Truth 12th, vVv LtZ place 9th then 3rd and vVv Vision placing 7th with T12 seed not a success in GoW2? Damn then I'd like to know your reasoning behind being successful in GoW 2 as a sponsor and organization. All our teams have placed pro multiple times with the exception of The Truth. I understand H3 though but saying Gears was not a success doesn't make sense.
  12. IMO opinion we should spend money on MW2 GoW 2 and Halo 3. Halo 3 has the biggest payout and arguably the most competitive with passes selling out on the first day usually. GoW 2 has been a huge success this year so why drop it? MW 2 is the most hyped and if it lives to its hype it could be a very good investment.
  13. Your an idiot... 1 - Use spell check; you misspell 5th grade words like opportunity and evidence. 2 - No proof or point? Lol I think if I gave two shits I could make an essay about how dumb you guys are and how unprofessional you guys are. 3 - You get mad from being told the truth of the matter. So please before you write a giant 600 word paragraph about things you don't know about please have some facts and proper grammatical skills because apparently you need to go back to school and retake English. The way you people run things I could put my brother in your position and he'd do a better job than you. Good day.

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