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  1. Ok, thank you to everyone. I will e-mail him and speak to him as soon as possible.
  2. Ok thank you, is he online now do you know?
  3. How do i get in touch with him?
  4. Hello, My clan, XtReMe VeLoCiTy, were wondering if we could represent vVv on Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox360. We were ranked 1st on the ladder (122-14) until our GB was hacked and then we re-started. We are now 3-0 without losing a map. We managed to get to the quarter-finals of the Play-offs until we didnt have our strongest team out and we lost 3-2 which should've been a 3-1 win. We will be attending XL and entering other tournaments and getting involved in MLG. We would be very appreciated if you could consider our offer and get back to us as soon as possible. Link: http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/call-of-dut...eme-velocityxv/ Please, feel free to contact me on my MSN to discuss this further: MSN: xbox360msn@hotmail.co.uk many thanks, SpideR.

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