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  1. I don't think too many people around here play the game right now but I have seen the shootmania guys on it from time to time. There is a decent community on irc if you are interested in meeting other people in the PvP and or PVE community. I'll link to the webclient for the irc server and the main irc channel. http://webchat.globalgamers.net/?channels=firefall also feel free to add me in-game, ign: TiLter
  2. Not exactly, I mean I do feel like a lot of my interests in gaming aren't exactly shared by the community here so most of the time it feels as if I'm just wearing the tag surrounded by people that I don't know. I also feel as if I don't add much value and would rather not waste anyone's time. I'm going to try a project out with some guys starting with firefall. I don't want to elaborate on these forums to make sure that I don't step on toes and advertise because I feel that would be disrespectful. I think you all here do a great job in competitive gaming/esports and can really appreciate your goals. I can't really think off the top of my head anything you could do better, I guess it just sucks when you are the only person interested in a game or genre in a community like this. I'd say just keep doing what you are doing and help more people understand the idea of the talent factory, many people are confused at first when I try and explain it to them but they come to understand and respect it. Although they look at the fighting game division and are a bit confused but I have my own theories on that.
  3. Leaving, thanks for everything and good luck with your plans for vVv in the future. Much respect for everything you guys do.
  4. Good job! Curious though, what does RWS stand for?
  5. Yeah... I think developers now are just saying that they want, or would like their games to be "esports" but don't truly understand esports at all. I think what they mean by that is, We want our game to have a bunch of people constantly playing it around the world like sc2 and LoL! I'm not sure if they know what they are doing in regards to esports but I hope best for them, I wouldn't mind watching twisted metal live streamed tournaments at all.
  6. Nice clip, and congrats to you guys making CEVO-P! Looking forward to following you guys in CS:GO.
  7. I may have some beta keys for anyone that wants to get into the FireFall beta, let me know if you are interested.
  8. http://www.reddit.com/r/Tribes/comments/n1g1p/3_keys_for_all/
  9. So this happened.. Then this. http://www.reddit.com/r/Tribes/comments/mzkvx/3_beta_keys/ So if you are looking for a key keep an eye on reddit, they seem to be pretty generous.
  10. Welcome and congrats!
  11. Good luck to you guys, hope you get in! I've actually ran into a couple of these guys at a few majors and they are a really nice group of players.

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