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    Patrick Steven Murphy
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    Brick, NJ
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    cheese steaks<3
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    chilllen with my friends, and sports<3
  1. awh nero finally met a girl.

  2. awh nero finally met a girl.

  3. welcome . you sound like a pretty chill person and from what mrs.v is saying your a beast so goood luck!
  4. PMurph

    Cell Application

    the office shreds. But good luck man good player here.
  5. PMurph

    LiMiTs app..

    good luck. Add me tomorrow and we can play. My game name is PMurph
  6. PMurph

    Cell Application

    good luck man. I saw your name at the top rankings lol. tomorrow i'll add you and we can play. My game name is PMurph
  7. i voted for MW2. I love gow but i think mw2 will go farther
  8. who is cheif flash on the vf5 brackets?
  9. PMurph

    ZeRoSupeR's App

    allright man thanks.
  10. PMurph

    ZeRoSupeR's App

    thaks mann, i'll feel better once im repping vVv if it happens
  11. PMurph

    ZeRoSupeR's App

    i was back in the hospital again so... im back now but im gonna contact fear and see if we can set this shit up. i might be getting moo money from the hospital and shit cause they fucked up the surgery and i couldnt breath and shit a couple days later
  12. PMurph

    ZeRoSupeR's App

    thank you very much fear and vVv!
  13. PMurph

    ZeRoSupeR's App

    i just go my appendix removed<

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