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  1. Sky

    AddiicTioN's Cod4 app.

    Goodluck with ur app bro
  2. Sky

    iPhReeZe App

    Yo good luck with this app!
  3. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    "just add me on XBL" Your F/L is full but yeah if you get this you can add me I PheNoMz I, but its not a big issue And thanks for the oppertunity to get a evaluation, i mean even if it doesnt make a diff its just cool to get alil info from someone who has a good sense for the game.
  4. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    Thank You, and i agree with you 100% on that i was just curious to mybe see what would have happend if i had gotten a second evaluation, but i dont mind either way im just hoping to become a member of the vVv Community.
  5. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    The Only thing im curious about is me not getting a second evaluation. I agree with not having LAN exp but i mean i wouldnt like to go to LAN with some random team and hav it be a waste. so its not a bg deal with becomming a amateur gamer but id like to know why ive waited this long of a time period and then have it come to me just being a casual gamer?
  6. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    yeah i have no issue with my app geting moved to amateur,i havent played on any vVv team's just with. The top GOW gb teams ive been on: Killer Aces, And i was on Cloud Nine. I'm going to meadowlands either with vVv Amped and his sqaud or the gb team im on rite now. Im just trying to become a part of vVv and make my mark in this community, also to represent at tournys.
  7. Sky

    SaDiizTiiC's vVv app

    Yoo GL with your App and Stitchesis the King Of NerdzZz
  8. yoo GL with your app bro
  9. Sky

    Konflik's Application

    yoo Good Luck with your App and ha i have you muted but ur still mad good lol peace
  10. Sky

    T Bnk5D's App

    Goodluck yo
  11. Sky


    haha try to pay attention to the game not daniel tosh haaaaaaaa
  12. Sky

    OvErKiLL G app.

    yo GL with your App
  13. Sky


    Dont get bodied in Public.... ha jp Good playin with you
  14. yoo GL with Your App Bro
  15. Sky


    Im Going to say it again, Kids nice lol dont miss out on this potential. and whats going on with Driven?
  16. Sky

    Too Damn Nice's APP

    GoodLuck With Your App, Prolly wont need it but ha Great player.
  17. Sky

    iPhReeZe App

    yoo GoodLuck with your app man, Hit me up on XBL we should get in a game.
  18. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showuser=5903 ~Profile~
  19. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    ihavent but thats sweet im actully a junior at west bend east.
  20. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    yeah do you play in wisconsin or
  21. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    This is my real account if you want to check on my profile click on the name i just posted with.
  22. Sky

    CJ MeRCs vVv app

    Kids Nice, but you already knew that. ha goodluck with your App.
  23. Sky

    Dramuhh's vVv App

    Dont agree with the amount of trash you talk, but goodluck with the application.
  24. Sky


    Kids worth it, no joke
  25. Sky

    BIaziken app

    GoodLuckkk with your vVv App.

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