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  1. "just add me on XBL"

    Your F/L is full but yeah if you get this you can add me I PheNoMz I, but its not a big issue And thanks for the oppertunity to get a evaluation, i mean even if it doesnt make a diff its just cool to get alil info from someone who has a good sense for the game.

  2. The Only thing im curious about is me not getting a second evaluation. I agree with not having LAN exp but i mean i wouldnt like to go to LAN with some random team and hav it be a waste. so its not a bg deal with becomming a amateur gamer but id like to know why ive waited this long of a time period and then have it come to me just being a casual gamer?

  3. yeah i have no issue with my app geting moved to amateur,i havent played on any vVv team's just with. The top GOW gb teams ive been on: Killer Aces, And i was on Cloud Nine. I'm going to meadowlands either with vVv Amped and his sqaud or the gb team im on rite now. Im just trying to become a part of vVv and make my mark in this community, also to represent at tournys.

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