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  1. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    hahah good times, and thanks.
  2. Sky

    Exxhale's Re app

    thats how it went down, but icecold made it clear before i "left" that i was bringing the team down and was going to be dropped soon.
  3. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    Thanks amped, and yes if you could continue to help me, that would be great.
  4. Great write up, and Best of luck to Destiny!
  5. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    Well with Driven (amped's team things didnt work out, first it was eruption who wasnt on, amped's rents were strict with his gaming, deception quit and i decided to leave due to the lack of practice. I have nothing wrong with any of the members, i still scrim with amped (whenever hes on), and have had nothing but good things to say about him, and other members of the community. I will contact Amped and have him leave his personal feedback on me, i also can contact IceCold to leave feedback as well.
  6. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    exxhale please try and grow up.
  7. goodluck with your interview
  8. Sky

    Exxhale's Re app

    GoodLuck with your App. and if your looking for scrims add me or vVv AmpeD
  9. Sky

    jazz ap

  10. Sky

    yeah yo i can make a tem if you want ill throw sum credits on there if u want. and we really need to play a hit load this weekend.

  11. Sky

    i look up to you. hahahaha playin but this weekend we should get mad scrimz

  12. GoodLuck With your app! Good player.
  13. Sky

    SyN's Reapp

    GoodLuck with your App
  14. Sky

    a cat with gunz app.

    goodluck with your app
  15. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    Alright sounds good, and thanks again. Looking forward to playing with you.
  16. Sky

    Clubasaurus app

    heyyy GL with your App
  17. good interview mos def a good read

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