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  1. Sky

    Team Update :)

    We would also like to thank vVv Amped for his help, he was the captin of our team. Unfortenetly his parents thought it would be best for him not to compete in ohio.
  2. Sky

    Team Update :)

    We have found our four, if anyone is intrested to scrim or play PCL contact me; vVv Reality. Just a quick update on our team. Never Ending: vVv Reality, vVv Intent, vVv Prophet, and DeliverRance.
  3. Sky

    NeWNeZs vVv Application

    Ive run into many problems with this kid, he had complained about losing in a poor manner, such as "talking smack, telling us how bad we were, that we were going no where, and were a bunch of randoms." I hope he has changed, he isnt a bad player just needs an attitude change.
  4. Mr LaaaaN aka DeliverRance aka the Delivery Man is a great kid who has alot of potential. Get ready to hear his name in Ohio! Also is a good teamate who takes his gaming serious and with repect. He would be a good fit for vVv. We are proud to have him on the team and GoodLuck bro!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    Thanks for all the luck hahaha
  6. im not going to lie, when ever i play with my team i am the definition of "warrior" or what the warrior means in gaming terms. Curious to know if anyone would want to help me personally with my gameplay.
  7. Great Read, and loved the input on Releases Coach
  8. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    Sounds good, and exodus you best be getting gears of war 2 soon!
  9. Sky

    BAD Family APP

    Good Luck with your app if you stick with it.
  10. GoodLuck on your App.
  11. Ive teamed with Ambitionz, Hes a mature player who takes gaming seriously. He is a smart player who will be a good asset to a team. Also a Greatd pick up and player! Good Luck with your application bro!
  12. Sky

    DeziGna - Application

    Good Luck with your App. Be active!!!
  13. Sky

    MetaphorR Application

    Stitches is a nerd 09....joke. Good Luck with your app!!!!!!
  14. Good Luck with your app. Add me. ClockWork Ix
  15. Sky

    BliiZard X Application

    Good Luck with your app. He's a mad chill kid who has potential.
  16. Sky

    ScripteD - Application

    Good Luck with your app! Add me if you'd like to scrim. ClockWork Ix
  17. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    haaa thanks Synystar.
  18. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    Thank you and i will contact exodus.
  19. Sky

    Influence APP

    GoodLuck with your app.
  20. Sky

    ClockWork Ix Application

    I will be sure to do so
  21. Sky

    iPhReeZe App


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