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  1. Sky

    F1ush's App..

    Goodluck on your App. Feel free to add me.
  2. Sky

    VeXeLz vVv Ap.

    Nev=God, Goodluck with your app. add me if you want.
  3. Sky

    Dr LaaaN App Extenstion

    Good Luck Kid lol.
  4. Sin picked up DblockPC, we had scrimmed them today and they have some eLsick (notsure on his GT) for their 4th.
  5. Sky

    NevaaeH vVv App

    Goodluck, super pumped your going, and Supa Dupa Sly is a good teamate. Im looking forward to seeing this team do work in Ohio.
  6. Sky

    NevaaeH vVv App

    This kid is a privelage to play with and is a right to play with him (kidding about the right, but it is a privelage to play with this kid).
  7. On a personal note, i had been impacted greatly by Winnie when i was an App. Hes got a good sense of humor and was a cool person to just play with. Goodluck with everything winnie (Clockwork Ix), and I still owe you a cookie.
  8. Sky

    NevaaeH vVv App

    Again this kid is really cool, and deserves a good loyal team!
  9. Sky

    vVv Awakening

    Intent has talked to me, we will be rooming togther. My mom is setting the room up tonight.
  10. Sky

    vVv Awakening

    I have spoke to my mother, she said she would speak to you or ashes parents. She's willing to give proof that i will be able to attend Ohio.
  11. Sky

    vVv Awakening

    Cant wait for Ohio
  12. Sky

    Team Update :)

    Thanks, and goodluck finding a fourth!
  13. Sky

    Team Update :)

    We have decided to pick up vVv Ashes as our fourth, he seems to be a smart player who can contribute to our team.
  14. Sky

    Team Update :)

    We have dropped DeliverRance do to the lack of chemistry. We are currently looking for a fourth. Just an update with our team.
  15. ...... yeah ....... lets just not argue anymore
  16. Just rock some proof, and if you've been lieing your days are just going to get worse.
  17. Sky

    NevaaeH vVv App

    I want to start off by saying good luck. This kid is a very cool dude and has potential to be great. Be sure you stay active and keep doing what your doing.
  18. Sky

    iTz PR's vVv Application

    Good Luck, Stay active, but you need to work on the over use of the B button.
  19. Sky

    Slumpp's vVv Application

    Goodluck with your App
  20. GoodLuck with your App, Stay active.
  21. Sky

    NeWNeZs vVv Application

    Well im glad to hear of a change in attitude, GoodLuck with your app and your team.
  22. Sky

    Team Update :)

    vVv AmpeD aka Number One Fan/ Online Coach.

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