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  1. If you wanna play with members you add us it's a privelage not a right to play with us. ;)

    This kid is a privelage to play with and is a right to play with him (kidding about the right, but it is a privelage to play with this kid).

  2. At the moment a friend of mine is trying to find the cheapest flight for me because he works for American Airlines. I am not positive what our team is doing about our hotel. Maybe me and silence can room with each of our moms.

    Intent has talked to me, we will be rooming togther. My mom is setting the room up tonight.

  3. What evidence do we have that Intent and Silence can travel? I think you really should firs talk to parent(s). Ashes's Mom or Prophet should speak to the other parents to be sure. Keep me posted.

    I have spoke to my mother, she said she would speak to you or ashes parents. She's willing to give proof that i will be able to attend Ohio.

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