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  1. Finesse

    ReGuLaTe x app

    Hes teaming with Trips, inhal3, and DukeSkillz.....idk i think they placed 27th at columbus not sure though
  2. Finesse

    Synystar RE-APP

    Best of luck on your app bro. Hope you get back in <3
  3. Finesse

    ReGuLaTe x app

    Good stuff regulatatatatataa. Hope you guys get to become a part of vVv VERY soon. <33
  4. ReGuLaTaTaTaTaaaaa i <3 u

  5. Finesse

    Advocate re-app

    Best of luck on your app bro.
  6. Finesse

    Raintrosity's App

    Good luck on your application. Stay active and add/get to know as many members and apps as possible. GL
  7. Finesse

    ReGuLaTe x app

    yo reg i just made up this strat for pavilion that is like perfect that i need to show you asap message me next time you get on bro <333
  8. Finesse

    ReGuLaTe x app

    Good Luck guys....Reg is there anymore vids of your scrims in the gameroom? Just let me know.
  9. Finesse

    Detoxins vVv app

    Best of luck on your application. Remember to stay active and feel free to add me on live if you'd like to play. GT=vVv Finesse
  10. Finesse

    ReGuLaTe x app

    Good Luck guys....my dudes regulate and fatalise have great chemistry, attitude, personality, etc.... great overall teamwork and their def. a semi-pro calibur team with the right 4th. Hope u guys get some vids up of your scrims soon and good luck at dallas guys. <3 <3 <3
  11. Finesse


    Good Luck dukeskills. Cool guy and great personaity hope you'll be reppin those 3 v's soon.
  12. Great write up Jerry and good job Destiny and LtZ. Hope to see everyone in Dallas!
  13. Finesse

    Fear's staff application

    Best of luck Fear. Hope you get on staff
  14. Best of Luck MuT. Add me on Live if you'd like to play. -vVv Finesse

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