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    Gears of War 2, The Entire Resident Evil Series, The halo Series
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    Italian, Chinese, Japanese(SUSHI!!!)
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    Stay Alive and The new Star Trek Movie
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    Metallica, Soad, Static-X. Slipknot.
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    -Building Computers
    -Playing Baseball
    -vVv Gaming !!!!
  1. xxIrish

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    close my app...
  2. xxIrish

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    This is the Definition of Amateur..... 1. A person who engages in an art, science, study, or athletic activity as a pastime rather than as a profession. 2. Sports An athlete who has never accepted money, or who accepts money under restrictions specified by a regulatory body, for participating in a competition. 3. One lacking the skill of a professional. it does not say anywhere that you must have MLG exp to be an amatuer...
  3. xxIrish

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    WOAH... why was i moved to Community.... Im am an applicant to Amateur and want to know why my app was moved....
  4. xxIrish

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    :smiliz10: I still play Halo and CS:S..... hit me up GT is TB z Irish x and my Steam is Theirishdumbass
  5. Gratz on the win guys...
  6. As did I, a lot of fun. Sorry for not talking, I was on the phone. Sorry I had to leave, staff meetings on Monday. I'll be on soon in a few minutes, so if you are on, I'll hit you up.

  7. had a great time playing gears with ya man.. hope to do it some other time

  8. good luck and stay active...
  9. xxIrish

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    hey at least we made it to Round 3 before your girl showed up?
  10. xxIrish

    StriDeZY vVv App

    Good Luck... Stay active and Hit up my gamer tag TB z Irish X and we can play some....
  11. xxIrish

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    well your Girl did come over... that would make me lose concentration... Like i said before its cool... hel;l i should have carried us...
  12. xxIrish

    ily emoo's vVv app

    good luck man...

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