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  1. wow... been an app for way over 2 months and you guys are just getting to me.... hm.
  2. Any updates about what were going to do with this App? Move it to Community Gamer or Keep it Amatuer? Up to you guys. Whatever works best.
  3. Crip... you posted it in the wrong place... lol
  4. Any progress with this one guys? Let me know what your input is.
  5. Yeah i had to make a new psn... vX-TanK... i'll add you on it when i get on. I'm getting the word out on ps3 by informing people about it. Everyone on PS3 looks for sponsorships everyday... they mostly spend their time looking for iNF, pT, and hLx sponsorships because they are easy to get... I always tell them to sign up on the forums and check it out. vX-Nasty, one of the other apps came to the site because I told him about it... and after bugging and bugging him to sign up... he finally did... haha. Everyone looks for real E-Sports Organizations that offer real benefits other than just discounts... I always say vVv is your best bet. Being that its PS3 and most the people on the GB ladder that plays competivitly are between the ages of 13-17... they are impatient and have small attention spans lol. I even have the vVv gaming website url as my comment on my team psn... which is the psn that I use to face all my opponets on PS3... A lot of people add me and see it. Also, to answer Lord Jeriths question, No I'm not an app on MoB's site... I signed up on their forums to see what they were all about... Also, Yeah, I dont know how things would work either... I guess this would be better if we moved this down as a community gamer application? I'm not sure. It's up to you guys where I best fit in being from the PS3 and in a weird situation haha. I just enjoy being around the site and enjoy the people that make up vVv and wanted to be apart of it all in some way. I would love if you gave me a chance to be apart of vVv and to really push vVv to new levels on the PS3. Matter a fact... since your looking for Sports members and others like that... I actually have the perfect canidate for you guys... He's 10-1 on the madden ladder and hes really good at madden. I'll go ahead and make hm sign up on the site... he's actually apart of my team. We have been playing together for 8+ months.
  6. It's been dos months.... i guess vVv forgot about me on the PS3 side?? or maybe they want to wait another month or two... it would be great if I could get some feedback from vVv staff. Thanks guys.
  7. well Its Feb 8th... tomorrow I will have had been an app for 2 months. NICE! lol Just checking up on vVv... Anyone from vVv add my psn: vX-TanK
  8. Whats up everyone... I'm hanging out in a blizard right now
  9. Great player and very loyal, he has potential to deffinatly add value to the vVv Gaming Community, all he has to do is stay active with vVv.
  10. I am, trust me... and thanks eve, you always checking up on me I'm promoting vVv a lot on PS3... but getting them to check it out is another thing cuz people regard vVv as an 360 community. I'm getting the word out tho.
  11. Good luck on your application bro.
  12. hey guys... its getting closer and closer haha
  13. Whats good everyone... just checking up on everything.

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