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  1. I like soap. It makes me smell good after my shower.
  2. Love you JayC. I agree with some stuff said above. Keep in touch <3
  3. I dont know if Ill be going or not I feel all kinds of pressure to go, but college has my wallet hurting
  4. I wish I could go, but plane tickets are too expensive :/
  5. So if you qualify, you will have to play with the pickup, correct?
  6. Hey Jacob, Thanks for expressing interest in vVv Gaming! I noticed you mentioned that you wanted to become a professional gamer, but also want to increase your YouTube and stream numbers. Where does your passion lie? Is your main focus on YouTube and streaming, or on becoming a professional gamer? Fortunately, vVv can help with both aspects, but first you and I both need to gauge where your interest and focus is. In a perfect world, what would you see yourself doing in gaming?
  7. How is Season 4 going for you?
  8. Hey Jay, how has your stay been here over the last week? Is there anything vVv could do better?
  9. I'm leveling my priest right now. I was decent back in the day. Had 1750 on my priest on Tich.
  10. If you weren't so bad and could get Diamond, then we wouldn't have to
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