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  1. i saw some attributes in the warrior section that pertain to me, i think i should fix this
  2. sorry for not being very active on the game as of late, my grades have been gettin lower and card marking ends friday and ive been busy with all my school stuff, but i will be on a lot more soon
  3. havent found a team yet =/ and i think meadows is a no, i cant go to columbus b/c its when im graduating, but i hope to go to the ones that follow
  4. Of course i am still interested XD, there are a lot of skilled players here and i hope i can get some good chemistry going with a few of them,but i dont expect to be put on a team right as i join(if i get accepted), i like the atmosphere of vVv, i have fun when i come on this site, more discussion about the games would be nice. There is a lot of threads discussing vVv, but not much about the actual game, like the mechanics and such.
  5. http://www.mlgpro.com/content/page/271443/...ro-Am-Kickoff/2 I talked to Lord Jerith on vent and he told me to post this btw im The-Nasty-Beast
  6. i wasnt trying to make it sound like that, sorry, but i know how hard it is to get a high caliber team together -.-
  7. I guess your right move this to amateur please
  8. it would b nice if there was a major lan near me -.- and i had some teammates to play with
  9. I actually have gone to a LAN 2 times and the 2nd one was a 4v4 but the only other team was one that consisted of NSAN3 NICK and I learned that there is almost no shotgunning in LAN it's all team hammerbursting -.-

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