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    I need to post more!
  • Birthday 08/01/1993

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    Evan Carr
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    Centereach, NY
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    Castle Crashers/Halo/Gears of War/Call of Duty
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    Hard to say..
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    My Chemical Romance
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    I like to play Halo 3 and GoW2. I also have a wierd obsession with Castle Crashers. I love that game. I like music, I sing. I love going to concerts and moshing. Thats pretty much me.
  1. Evan C.

    Blood's Application

    okay thanks. Im pretty sure I got the pictures in my profile.
  2. Evan C.

    Blood's Application

    Name: Evan Carr Age (minimum 15): 15 XBL Gamertag: xHxCx Blood MySpace profile name and URL:

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