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  1. Kyble

    Dontmiss Return

    Sweeeeet a co-founder. Thats awesome, Im sure you'll be given some form of a leader roll. Glad to have you back.
  2. Kyble

    Kyble's Application

    Update, of sorts. I just wanted to say, if you don't want me in the "Pro" category, I'd love to be a casual part of this community (:
  3. Kyble

    COD 4 MLG and gb app

    Good luck, add some vVv members that play CoD, and stay active.
  4. Kyble

    Michigan LAN Sponsor

    He's not looking for another player.. :\ Well hopefully you get the money. Remember sponsors, gotta spend money to make money
  5. Im gonna assume this is for GoW2 only. Im just wondering because Im a H3 app.
  6. Good luck Volcom. You'd be an awesome part of vVv.
  7. Kyble

    Kyble's Application

    Thanks, but there was no need to quote my whole app, haha
  8. Kyble

    naruto0923's app

    Good luck with your app. Fill out your bio and everything if you havent already.
  9. Kyble

    Kyble's Application

    Yeah, of course.
  10. Kyble

    iEssay App

    Good luck with you app, and try to stay active on the site.
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