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  1. Im still here, just in the process of moving and not having internet. Been using my phone to get on here. Just hoping this stays active
  2. Im still here just been a crazy two weeks I picked up a 2nd job. I will message you my schedule, i'm thinking Monday or Tuesday will work for me but I will let you know.
  3. Thanks bud!! Been a crazy work week but I will message you my schedule!
  4. I love League more than doing GFX right now but I can always decide later down the road. Did the same thing with Gears of War back in the day
  5. Absolutely To be honest it has crossed my mind a few times.
  6. I added vVv JayC but havent had a chance to play a game yet. I join mumble and the vVv chat on the LoL client when I can to see if anyone wants to ever play
  7. Been missin you homie. I played some games with WooTang
  8. Ya every time I ask to play with someone or anybody I just get ignored. The community I was use to last time I was here would never have. Guess things have changed...
  9. Lee sin, because i'm afraid he will be terrible and they normally are.
  10. Been trying when I get off work or whatever but nobody ever answers in the vVv chat on LoL, :/
  11. I love when they take the time to make these. Awesome insight on everything!
  12. I didn't go into ranked until I had like 500 wins and I wish I would have waited longer lol
  13. So you started in Silver IV and got demoted to Bronze?

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