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Hey vVv & Everybody! Alright so, my name is Alex. Some OGs may remember me by my former tag Double A. Just as the A-typical gamer description goes, I've been playin' games since I was 5 along with my big sis Andy. She liked girly games, I chose racing and shooter games. What can I say? Gears of War is my ALL TIME favorite game! I'm so stoked for Gears 5. Im from Texas and am an NC transplant, I'm 30 y.o. Think that just about covers it. If you want to know more, feel free to ask!

I'm back everyone! Yay! I missed everyone so much. And its been really nice to know I was missed too. Lots of new changes have happened, but things are settling down again and I am ready for my beast mode in games again!



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