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  1. I'm having plenty of fun with the game, but the real fun to me always came with playing the best settings in a competitive atmosphere. I hope it's all worth it in the end.
  2. The Black/Red thing seems so ancient. Just reminds me of LGD Black/Red. Also when tCn had all of those ridiculous gb teams named after metals.
  3. However top-heavy it may be, the pools are a step up from the previous system of "placement rounds". It is not a system that benefits AM players, but that's how it's always been with MLG. Pool play also allows MLG to stream more matches of Pro Players/Teams against each other in tournament play. Do you think it should just be a pure double-elim bracket (1 vs. 256, 2 vs. 255, etc.)? What do you think MLG could do differently to make it better?
  4. The stream was terrible the first two days, but other than that it was a great event. Halo Reach exposed a lot of teams and this season is going to be fun to follow.
  5. This. No one has to change who they are, but we need to change how we interact with people outside the competitive GoW scene.
  6. SlimCrim

    BigD's app.

    You are mistaken. This is one of the best of the gears apps open right now. Maybe you hit the wrong thread by accident, because your comments are pretty far from reality.
  7. What do you mean vVv Alacrity vs vVv Vision, what event was this and were you playing or coaching?
  8. but it sure is nice for a niche that otherwise goes under the radar. I don't think any less of the Brawl community despite you being apart of it.
  9. and it looks like that's all you're going to have in terms of nationals.
  10. He'll make a fine Community Member.
  11. Even the smallest scraping of what Halo has done in terms of customization over the years would go a long way in Gears. I am confident that Epic will do a good job, but I wish they, as well as other developers would look at the success that custom match options has in the Halo franchise. Custom/Private Match Options are the most helpful addition for competitive play in any game.
  12. It was solid, vVv should try to do these types of interviews at events as much as possible.
  13. SlimCrim

    Bnk5D Re-App

    He's a nice lady.
  14. I'm posting this to remind myself to AIM you tomorrow. Good luck with your application.
  15. SlimCrim

    Casperz re-app

    59-14, that is all.

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