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  1. Application Accepted. Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  2. Application Accepted. Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  3. Application accepted. Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  4. vVv Vishouss


    Application approved. Welcome to vVv Gaming!
  5. I will show you the way of the mouse and keyboard
  6. Love playing with this dude! Always super chill, and fun to be around
  7. Dope Yosh. Glad to have you back. Even if you were eating my shots in Gears LOL
  8. I can see how she would see that. But I think A and C are too old school. Yes they represent vVv greatly and they are classic. But I also think we need something more modern. Hoagie and I have discussed this at length over the past few days. And I'm with him. Stick with a new logo and rebrand cuz were a different org now. With a fresh start. And use the old logo to make throwback merch and things of that nature. Or at the very least modernize logo A. I dont think it stands out enough, and just feels too bland. This is why I like logo B. It stands out and pops so to speak
  9. I'm probably the only one that likes the new logo 😂
  10. Glad to see you reapply Mysterious. Welcome back. If you have any questions feel free to ask away. In the meantime, check out everything on the site and the discord server. And just make sure you stay active within both! Glad to see you back!
  11. I hate SnD but I'm down either way
  12. I am in love with Destiny. We should definitely play. Game is not what it once was, but still fun. Glad to see you applied tho. Hope to see you around even more! Any questions, feel free to ask away. If we don't know the answer, we'll definitely find it for you

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