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  1. yall ever wanna run let me know
  2. Does Anyone even still play Halo at all?
  3. ill play....This Should be interesting
  4. im very interested pick me up lol
  5. Twitch.tv/vVv_LuciferYT Mixer.com/vVv_LuciferYT twitter.com/vVv_LuciferYT
  6. Thanks for your Service bro please stay Safe
  7. Shoot id play Cod but dont have a copy of it unfortunately
  8. Gears 5 has been Pretty rough in beginning but its an amazing Game
  9. Ok thanks yeah i run with hoagie alot.
  10. Anyone on here Play Any Gamebattles matches and wanna team up?
  11. Cant wait for the actual Open Beta and Crossplay one
  12. I play battlefield 4 as well I have 5 I just need to reinstall it

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