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  1. Installing it now. I’m gonna be looking forward for full game release. I’m gonna be looking for a Comp Team
  2. Thanks @vVv Minjaaa definitely HMU I’m always down to run some matches etc
  3. Nvm changed my settings Play Claw 30,30,30 Aim Acceleration 10 inner Dead Zone 10 outer dead zone 0 controller Scheme CTRL ALT
  4. Thanks @vVv Drax My PSN: Lucifer_YT__
  5. Yeah I installed it last night. I may get on it today and see what’s up. I normally play FFXIV
  6. Bloodhounds my Main One to arum with then Octane is my Second one
  7. Is Neverwinter Worth Downloading and Playing??
  8. Xbox GT: GsQ Lucifer YT PSN: Lucifer_YT__
  9. Definitely vVv Savior I’ll add you now
  10. Thanks vVv Next and I’ll definitely stay Active
  11. I would be definitely down to Run Matches with you guys.
  12. I play Tournament Controls 30,23,30
  13. I’m ready for Gears 5 to come out so I can get back into the Competitive Scene.
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