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  1. I work for the rest of the week. I could do after work at like 9pm est.
  2. I was really getting into Agent Carter but it’s discontinued 😭
  3. I've been watching Agent's of S.H.I.E.L.D trying to catch up on that. Also been watching Supergirl. I'm really into the Marvel and DC Tv Shows right now!
  4. I didn't know you are from North Carolina. I'm from Belmont Nc right outside of Charlotte
  5. I try to make people laugh. I makes them happy and makes me happy.
  6. I do Stream! if you want me to post it here, here ya go lol and here's my twitter https://twitter.com/RealMs_Forever
  7. I've always played ps, so I was always use to it... I did have a xbox 360 that was easy to understand but when xbox 1 came out I was lost haha
  8. I had a xbox one but you know ps4 is where my heart is.
  9. I play on PS4. And Thank you!
  10. Thank you, Hope to talk to y'all soon.
  11. Since we can't have jersey we could put our gamer tags on the back if possible.

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