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  1. Let me know, Im sure a few players in this community can vouche that I have the knowledge to pass on.
  2. vVv_Exile

    Hey Hal Jordan

    Definitely hit up Hoagie for Resident Evil, as for myself I don't really play, but CoD I do. Good luck and Stay active! Message me on discord to play sometime.
  3. Good luck and Stay active! Message me on discord to play sometime.
  4. vVv_Exile


    Good luck on your app, Glad to see some app's be involved in meetings like the last one held you added some good input, Stay Active!
  5. Twitter - https://twitter.com/vVvExile Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/ vVv_Exile Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/vvv_exile
  6. Looking back from October 25th I didn't think it would of been hard for me to try and grow a team into a state the vVv would of approved of. I have failed, and took me some weeks to recover from such a failure. The team has went through many roster changes from Oct 25th to Feb 20th. We've taken a map off the New York Subliners in the first ever tournament they held, which was a huge confidence boost but after that we lost our footing but between schedules not working to just being a overall inconsistent unit over time, it just didn't work. Regardless day in and day out I kept my hopes high and my head down to grind harder an harder to be the best teammate I could possibly be for my teammates to shine. The CDL doesn't take into consideration for AM's like the good ol' days and It's sickening. Pro points get given out like candy and for it to be that way it causes players to lose the drive to make a dream become a reality. With more and more players leaving the COD community in droves, and most other players playing in cliques It's like being stuck between a rock and hard place and you don't know which way to look for an opening to grab a few players here and few there. With not many options after the team broke up I personally took a step back to regather myself and put everything into perspective. This a great community and the best I've been apart of and feel that I have failed the the ones that had the biggest anticipation of something great to come out of it, bothered me. Competing on this game is a hit-the-head against the wall continuously and after doing it over a period of time gave me a headache. Going forward, I have yet to reach out to skeensyy to discuss whether or not i want to recreate a competitive team now that the balancing of whatever sliver of a skill gap there is, but if i do decide to step back into the ring because I definitely still have some more rounds in me to go, The community will come first with weekly team updates, streams, 10's and as much content. Being apart of vVv is a privilege and a honor. Everybody here was made to be something great. If I can make this happen I would love to take this journey once again with all of you not just by myself. Talk to everybody soon.
  7. Hey guys, So I know I haven't held any CGN's so far and I've been meaning to but with the off-season its not as exciting as I would like it to be. Going forward with the release of MW, I'll be holding them Friday nights for those of you that can attend. Cross-play is going to be a factor with getting the CGN's off the ground, and everybody's participation is greatly appreciated, Hope to see you all soon, any questions DM me or submit your reply I'm mostly on discord so its easier to reach me there.
  8. Good Luck on your App, Let me know if you got a PS4.
  9. I played with TuAsian, great dude, has a great deal of passion, and is very respectful.

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