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  1. Good Luck on your App, Let me know if you got a PS4.
  2. I played with TuAsian, great dude, has a great deal of passion, and is very respectful.
  3. Congrats! Looking ahead to the future!
  4. CGN is back and I can not wait for you all to be a part of this! I will be holding the CGN every Friday starting in July. (July 5th is the first one) and they will start at 7pm eastern. I will be streaming these on my twitch which is twitch.tv/vVv_Drax so please follow and come watch some vVv members and apps have some fun together. We can play any game you all want but I think it is only appropriate for the first one in July to be Black Ops 4. We can play some private games against each other which used to be a blast in the past. Please share this to everyone who is interested and if you have any ideas or feedback please comment below or DM me on vVv. I can’t wait to get this started 🤗
  5. I 100% support this guy right here
  6. I like the sound of this, I like the competitive route you brought up. It could really make easing into the esports community a breeze. I know of vVv for the competition and what the teams under the org have done for the org. I think competing reaches out to a long list of players that could eventually make vVv what it once was. If thats where we wanna go with it IMO.
  7. Welcome, add me on PS$ vVv_Drax we'll run the league play lobbies, i dont get to play with many since everybody got xbox.

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