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  1. Hello vVv Fam! Every year, I participate in the Extra-Life Day of Gaming for kids, however, this year, I am unable to participate on November 2nd SO, I am doing mine on October 25th. This just so happens to also be the day that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches (weird how that works huh?). I will be doing a 24 hour stream for both the charity and the release of the game. I will run from 12 am CT to 12am CT on the 25th and will have giveaways going the entire time. The best part...ANY and all donations, subs, bits etc. will be donated to the vVv Charity campaign in the vVv name. If you want to participate or donate, visit our page here: vVv and Extra-Life Now, let's get down to business. Starting at 6pm ET on the 25th, I will be hosting a FREE tournament...The game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The mode: 2v2 Gun Fight. The platform: Players choice (we will take advantage of the cross-play functionality). There will be prizes for the top team and this is open to EVERYONE. If you are interested in participating, please DM me with your Activision Account name and your partners details as well. Entry closes on Wednesday the 23rd at 6pm ET. More details on the layout of the tourney will follow. The 25th is fast approaching and this charity/stream/tourney is going to be an amazing way to promote vVv, the community and raise money for kids. Don't forget to check out the link above for our donation page and even if you can't or don't want to donate, at least check out the stream on the 25th and participate in the chat! Twitch.tv/livevvvgaming Twitch.tv/vVvTibiryus
  2. I second this and want to see a ton of cross-play participation! GG Exile!
  3. Just a heads up, you need to make sure you allow people to view your profile. Both Hoagie and Grim are currently showing as private.
  4. I am also interested. Keep us informed my dude!
  5. How does one add people to site as a friend?
  6. I didn't tell Exo this last night but I cried...just a little...ok one tear. I appreciate the kind words and am still a little in shock but I want to rep this community and the members as best I can, so prior to my first stream next week I am going to be redoing some of my gfx and other stuff to help make vVv stand out more on MY stream and hope that it translates to the public. I AM a multi-streamer however the main focus now is vVv and what I can do to help push it into a new era. Thanks again all! -Tibiryus
  7. Gross ^ I have the S10 and a Note8
  8. I am thinking about setting up a wordpress blog for S's and G's. I'll get these pulled and post the link in here when I do so.
  9. A little while back I posted 20 Hard truths or lessons from my time streaming. I did this on twitter over 20 days and I was curious, would anyone be interested in reading these or having me post them somewhere? I can pull them back up and figure out a place to post them if there is interest.

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