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  1. Glad to see what's in the works. And I look forward to seeing it all in action. Let's get this show on the road 💪
  2. Hey everyone, I have really been getting into Siege lately. It's a fantastic game, with a lot of skill potential mixed with a ton of fun. Looking to find some people that have it and want to play on PC. Form a team so to speak. If interested, hit me up here or on discord. Would love to get some people together for this and see what we can do. Let's have some fun and make some waves in the Siege world. Peace, Vishouss
  3. Unfortunately King's Canyon will only be available in Ranked mode as far as we know. So first half of the season will be played on World's Edge, then Ranked will do a soft reset, and the other half of the season will be played on King's Motha Fucking Canyon!
  4. Season 4 in Apex begins soon with a lot of interesting background story between Forge and Revenant. Watch the short story trailer below. Who do you think is gonna be the legend for Season 4 or what the story line is gonna be like??? What's everyone thoughts? https://youtu.be/fIxrA7y4jaY
  5. Recently picked this game back up on PC. Have been loving it so far, but playing solo makes me regret everything. If anyone here, still plays on PC, hit me up on Discord. Would love to get a squad together for some games sometime. Peace, Vishouss
  6. Good dude. Good player. Glad you're here Haxx. Make sure you hang out and get to know everyone else. Let us know if you have any questions
  7. I approve of this application. Welcome to our humble family. Hang out with us and get those V's!
  8. Crossplay will definitely make CGN more viable for everyone in vVv. No more platform choices. Everyone can play. Will definitely be there.
  9. It first started with Final Fantasy 3. Thats where my love for gaming started. As far as playing competitively and wanting to get better day by day, that started with the first shooter I ever really put time into. And that was Destiny. Late to the drive and passion game, but I'm 6 years in and by far the best experience I've ever had with gaming. Between love for the game, the community, and the friends I've made throughout the series.
  10. Not gonna lie, I tried to play LoL a few months back for the first time. New experience. And it was somewhat fun. Bu there was so much confusion that I uninstalled it a few days later. Maybe I should give it another shot
  11. I'm gonna play but its gonna be casually. Not high enough in skill level at this point to play it competitively. As much as I'd like to. More of a support player when it comes to gears anyway. But I'll be playing a lot of it
  12. You can play reruns but only if the channel is affiliated or partnered. And unfortunately right now, vVv is not either of those. It can be at least, just isnt at the moment
  13. Never go without the R99 w/ purple mag and purple barrel. And the Longbow with preferably the 2x4x scope
  14. Yea I'm sure I'll still have to download something for it, I'm sure a lot of those downloaded files are temporary. That they'll need to be updated for the beta and full game.

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