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  1. We been killing some Attack on Titan lately. I love that show
  2. Agents of Shield is the absolute best show ever!
  3. Super cool Chica. Fun to hang around. And comedic to boot. Always giving me a good laugh. She has my vote 100%
  4. I agree with Savior. The elite is much better for xbox than any other brand. If you were on ps4 then sure I'd try out either a scuf or cinch, but xbox Elite is much better
  5. I'll be downloading this today. I never got very far because I get bored playing that solo.
  6. Yea it took me a very long time to adjust to the ps4 controller. I still prefer my xbox controller. Only thing better about the ps4 controller is the tension in the sticks
  7. A clan mate of mine from Destiny is the same way. He only got ps4 for the exclusives in Destiny when they were run by Activision. He used a Hori Controller. I think that's what it's called.
  8. I see you finally made it! Welcome to vVv! Hope to see you on here more
  9. Idk I guess to have to the skill gap the same across all platforms. I'm not entirely sure. That's just what I heard. I play on pc cuz it looks better than console to be completely honest lol
  10. From what I hear, the only way to play in console lobbies when you're on pc is to use a controller. That MnK will be disabled. That's just what I heard. I'm sure theyll figure something out. But at the same time idk. It's CoD. Been played on consoles for years by some people. They might have the upper hand against a pc player. Idk, I guess it depends on the level of skill of both players
  11. The reveal for the new cod is tomorrow
  12. It looks cool but don't think it's something I could get into. Only card game I've ever really gotten into is Magic the Gathering. I'm an MTG nerd lol
  13. Welcome back Gregory. Glad to see you here.
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