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  1. You can play reruns but only if the channel is affiliated or partnered. And unfortunately right now, vVv is not either of those. It can be at least, just isnt at the moment
  2. Never go without the R99 w/ purple mag and purple barrel. And the Longbow with preferably the 2x4x scope
  3. Welcome Hidden! Glad to have you here. Lot of great people here. Enjoy your time with us fam.
  4. Starting this coming Monday, the vVv Twitch channel will have regularly streamed content 3 days a week. For now, this will be the schedule. More dates and times will be filled as we grow this channel once again. Previously used to host tournaments and nothing more, it will now provide content from our very own streamers within vVv! The schedule is as follows: Monday: vVv NerdProblems Wednesday: vVv Tibiryus Friday: vVv VishousKing Evenings Be on the lookout for those live notifications! And if you havent already followed the channel, shame on you! 🤣 Twitch.tv/livevvvgaming
  5. Yea I'm sure I'll still have to download something for it, I'm sure a lot of those downloaded files are temporary. That they'll need to be updated for the beta and full game.
  6. You forget I only play gears on PC. Downloaded it the day the xbox pass ultimate released. Unless it's a 50 gig place holder lmao
  7. I already have the full game downloaded on my pc
  8. Nice work Buzz. I like it. Gonna have to snatch this up this evening
  9. We been killing some Attack on Titan lately. I love that show
  10. Agents of Shield is the absolute best show ever!
  11. Super cool Chica. Fun to hang around. And comedic to boot. Always giving me a good laugh. She has my vote 100%
  12. I agree with Savior. The elite is much better for xbox than any other brand. If you were on ps4 then sure I'd try out either a scuf or cinch, but xbox Elite is much better

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