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  1. twitch.tv/vvvsavior twitter.com/vvvsavior instagram.com/bacon_is_life96
  2. I agree and disagree with some of these statements. I feel that since vVv became a community rather than esports organization it has fallen apart. This change is part of what made it so dead, vVv took out all consoles, switched to rocket league only, then became a clan. A family friendly play together group. I get that everyone grew up. It’s life, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in vVv is too old to compete, or that anyone is too old to just play for fun. It should be both, having competition creates a place for gamers to flock to, thats what made me find vVv in 2010. Everyone who remembers vVv remembers from the competitive not the family game night. The late night Gears of War scrims, The hardcore MLG events. The Black Ops 2 hopefuls, The LoL underdogs. That is who we are. I like your ideas of it being a startup, and a membership meaning something. The community makes that happen, we go out we dominate and make people remember The V’s that’s what this community has been and will always be to me.
  3. All very valid points, great sense of a plan, and very similar wants and focus of those in vVv. I agree with stitches for the meeting but also really support what you’re vision for vVv’s future is. Now it’s a matter of getting it done but as a community we should all push for these things together. There are so few of us around right now I feel as a team we can get it back to the top.
  4. Feels weird having changes like this, it’s been the same the whole time i’ve been here but I trust you’ll choose wisely and i’m excited to see what the future holds.
  5. Back to endorse this again. Dedicated, enjoy playing with him and always down to play any game. Has a lot of great confidence in what vVv can be and keeps a level head at all times. Always active on discord and looking for people online.
  6. My days off are my best bet, I'll try to play as much as I can though luckily I only work 3 days a week. Excited to see how this plays out and see the population and viewership grow for vVv.
  7. I'll probably get the new xbox, I like the look and while I do agree PC is master, not all games are available and/or have a big enough player base to fully switch over for myself. If CoD stays with Playstation I may grab that instead. I'm just not a fan of the size and setup of the controller.
  8. Super friendly, eager to compete, patient player, kind person. All great qualities glad to see you on here.
  9. This is awesome! Big step in the right direction!
  10. vVv Savior

    vVv application

    Welcome, what's you Activision ID so everyone can add you. What system do you play on as well? Make sure you add a profile picture and if you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask! Thanks for applying.
  11. Hey guys so I just downloaded this game and I know someone has to be playing this. Whether you're active in vVv, new, or just got a notification that someone posted in the forums and you decided to come back to the site for the first time in years, LET ME KNOW BELOW. I was looking for something out of my aspects of skill to learn and grind so I chose this game. It has a huge community and a lot of potential fun! Let me know your in game names so we can run! Look forward to hearing from you all.
  12. Excited for the future, let’s make it great together.
  13. Awesome teammate, fun to play with. Would be a great addition to our community glad you applied!
  14. vVv Savior


    If you could have any game in history remastered what would it be and why?
  15. Right that’s why I said T shirts for 3rd hoodies for 2nd and hoodies and cash for 1st because as far as I know hoodies and shirts are the only things we’re releasing. Figure it’ll be fun

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