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  1. Just stick to Elite controllers, durability and warranty through Xbox itself I have a scuf and it’s durability is nowhere near an elite ive heard good things about cinch but unless you need it for a system that’s not Xbox I’d say get an elite
  2. You’re on more than anyone you’ll do well I’d have volunteered if I wasn’t so busy with military but I think you’d fit it best tell all our new guys how it was in your day gramps 😊
  3. Glad to be a part of this wonderful organization, wish I could do more around here but great home none the less! Hope to see constant success for everyone around here thanks for giving us the chance to call this home.
  4. Sounds great! Finally moving forward excited to be apart of this amazing organization!
  5. Welcome back bro, let’s run some GoW sometime
  6. Also something else that we could implement to get more motive in being active once we have a lot more members would be "Member of the Month" where the leaders get together and name a few who deserve it and either they vote or the community does on who should be featured as it and like a prize or special symbol the get on their profile or something just an idea though
  7. 1. Streaming is where a lot of our members are doing well so I think giving them a group chat and maybe making a List of official vVv Streamers on the site with their stream links to kinda give them a shout would be a great addition. 2. Game specific groups is a great idea but we need to try and bring more people in not into vVv but into the community and Forum posts on the respective game sites I feel is a great way to start. 3. I think all games deserve a section because a lot of people play competitive games but also play family fun/ relaxing games which are still fun to play with others. 4. I think this would be a good idea but it really depends on what game we want applicants and community members to come for/from. 5. Division Managers would be good but I think it could wait until we got more members and applicants otherwise we'll have 4 managers and 5 members lol 6. I think doing what we call pickups in GoW could come in to play, it works the same way but we could also make a list of who wants to play and have multiple people draft the players they want and have the teams play, it'll allow for chemistry to be built, teams to get practice, and new players and old get into/ get back into the game. Not really worried about prizes, it'd be great but main focus is to grow as an organization and as a player.
  8. I run 27-29-27 7-1-1 and I play claw so I don’t use my paddles but most people who do set them as A and B once you get comfortable you’ll know what settings you wanna play on but hitting your shots is the important thing
  9. Just started a character on this if anyone else is trying to get into it my parents are nerdy af on it so if you need help or power leveled to 70 they can probably help
  10. Still a god in CoD and a really good team player in GoW and easily my closest friend/family member irl deserves this and once he has better wifi he'll literally grind to the top again!
  11. Welcome back, we have a few GoW players wanting to compete so add us and we can run some games
  12. Montage I edited and created for Mr Nasty aka Josh. I'm new to this editing thing so this is my first one I've ever personally created but anyways watch below I guess
  13. Nah, I had an account in 2012 but it was under Monster not Savior but ive played with a lot of gears members for years
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