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  1. Let me know where we’re doing this at, I’m down to play!
  2. Welcome! I love SoT but never have a group to play with, but hit me up if you ever need an extra! Good luck on your app!
  3. Bro it lets you get on the game and the intro is already hyping me up lmao
  4. Hit us up on the Gears 5 tech test this weekend man glad you had your app reopened
  5. The only real weekend I have to play is this weekend for Gears 5, ill be moving next weekend and all of august ill be living with my brother until my wife and I find a home but if i can get on some week nights i will I heard its definitely better now after activision left so ill come try it out again
  6. I may have to get back into destiny this sounds like fun
  7. 100% will be on as much as possible haha
  8. I enjoy it a lot, if you get a good group together and can be a lot of fun
  9. Welcome bro, nice to see some GsQ, glad to see gears montagers coming to vVv good luck and hmu on Xbox for questions or to play
  10. Aye, congratulations! That’s awesome bro!
  11. The elite is cheaper too especially if you try to add the features the the elite has to a scuf or a cinch your at around $215 without the shipping costs and an elite brand new is $125-$150 even the new one was what like $175
  12. Just stick to Elite controllers, durability and warranty through Xbox itself I have a scuf and it’s durability is nowhere near an elite ive heard good things about cinch but unless you need it for a system that’s not Xbox I’d say get an elite
  13. You’re on more than anyone you’ll do well I’d have volunteered if I wasn’t so busy with military but I think you’d fit it best tell all our new guys how it was in your day gramps 😊
  14. Glad to be a part of this wonderful organization, wish I could do more around here but great home none the less! Hope to see constant success for everyone around here thanks for giving us the chance to call this home.

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