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    I'm currently playing GW2 and Diablo 3 casually, but I'm down for other games.
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  1.  Vulgar


    Welcome and good luck! I'm not that far from you, either. Daphne here.
  2. I do seriously like the new vision with the logo. It just needs a little fine tuning.
  3. I'll be expecting my complimentary smoking jacket and a vintage scotch. Thanks.
  4. Hard same. We're not a motorcycle organization anyways.
  5. Looks too much like the Harley Davidson logo. Looks good, but nope.
  6. I need some Chanel moisturizer in my life ASAP.
  7. I give my husband acid peels and he masks with me. He really enjoys it because it's relaxing and he likes taking care of himself.
  8. Also, the shading on the banner at the bottom is a nice touch. That might be a good addition on the shield to give it some depth as well. The shield looks flat while the ribbon has dimension.
  9. I do love black merch, but would love to see other options as well. A gray option would be nice with a black and white logo.
  10. If I had to choose, #3 and #7 are the best options. But I agree with Milkyy. It's missing something. I love the shield concept. The font seems too basic for this type of design, though. I think that may be what Milkyy is seeing as well, but he can correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I can only dream of having such enormous balls to be able to lie about being a pro in the first place.
  12.  Vulgar

    Beerdo returns.

    I've seen you around alot lately and would like to team up sometime. Good luck on your app and keep up the great activity on here!
  13. The obvious silence and lack of a response tells us all we need to know. It's also very representative of what we could likely expect if you were to ever be vVv staff. Nonetheless, I'm interested to see what he says.
  14. Bloodhound is my go-to at the moment. He's great for some sniping, especially with his super. My husband is enjoying Gibraltor the most, since his style is more run-and-gun.

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