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  1. I love the new Warhammer titles but havent picked up 2 just yet. Paradox has been stealing my paychecks for DLCs haha
  2. Hey vVv, I'm Paddy, a gamer and rugger from NY. As the title suggests, I was once a vVv member. I used to go by Grimm. Home from a military academy and looking to chill out with some like minded people and talk eSports, figured there was no better place to return to. I play a lot of strategy games (because I had no internet on the network at the Academy.) I play mostly Paradox titles (CK2,Stellaris, some EU4), and more recently Fortnite. I watch everything from DotA to Halo, and everything in between. Looking forward to meeting yall. -Qhublai. Paddy

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