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  1. Ok so i see where this is heading and it looks Great i thought i'd be done but, shit you were right @vVv Buzz it practically only takes a google search or two.
  2. LG G6 I love this phone but I'm def gonna upgrade to either the LG v50 or the LG G8
  3. Same here, I've said enough and I like the direction for change and I hope we only start to grow from here.
  4. The Vs have got to stay, it's a homage to the past. No matter what we do here we cant't lose sight of who we are. Professional or not we are gamers. I for one don't want this org to go "political" like so many large orgs I've been apart of have. There is a point for professionalism and a point for fun. I think we need to find that center. We arent super serious but we carry ourselves professionally. That's what I believe we should aim for. Yes even in a Logo. We want more people to join and it's the first thing they see, this should not be whimsical. It's important that we pronounce fun and professionalism at the same time. I'm droning on but you get the point.
  5. What you need to do is just Kick ass and chew Bubblegum, but your all out of gum. ;3 Good luck!
  6. Can we talk about improving the vVv Rocket League Overlays on stream when you get a chance.
  7. Welcome to you too! FYI I've never played Fifa but it looks fun!
  8. No you (thank you so much that means a lot)
  9. I definitely agree with that statement, we are a gaming organization. I feel like we need something to reflect that, and how we are an org like no other.
  10. College - (all sports) UF (Go Gators!), NBA - Miami Heat, NFL - Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Chargers, MLB - honestly don't watch much but I guess the Marlins, NHL - definitely the Panthers,
  11. I mean since an eagle does stand for valor in a way, it would be a great way to incorporate our views on how we stand, with our heads high and proud.
  12. I know this seems crazy but, why not somehow incorporate the bird to be an eagle, on either side have claws holding on to a weapon and on the other a keyboard or something, idk just thought it would look more towards showing kind of what we do through our logo.
  13. Yeah, it definitely does, it seems like either your aim is on point and you get the kill, oooooor you are a potato with 2 shots and now your dead.

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