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  1. I probably won't be playing till Infinite comes out and probably only gonna play the campaign on it. Multiplayer in the past few games have been stale and ugh.
  2. I love this game, so I only play it for short periods of time so I don't rage and get tired of it. It's an interesting game, fun and hard to get some wins without a bit of luck and skill.
  3. vVv GrimWolf


    I do play it once in a while, but with borrowed friend's clubs. I do use B XS balls. Just don't remember what clubs he was using. I have a set with my dad, he got it for me for my 18th birthday but I haven't picked up them in 12 or so years. Wishing I could go grab them.
  4. Congratulations to all! Hope it all works out well. Just gotta keep grinding it out.
  5. If only... I wish they would fix the issues with the game. I played it for a while then gave up on it. I'm also stoked for Halo Infinite
  6. vVv GrimWolf

    Halifax's App

    Your name is familiar to me. 🤔
  7. If I play BR, I use my load out 5, sniper and AR
  8. Hi and welcome. Good luck, stay frosty and see you when you are on.
  9. I have played it when it came out on pc... it's stupid hard with mouse and keyboard and the controllers have major advantage.
  10. I rarely play Siege, but I would be down for this if able to. I play it on PC though.
  11. Welp, looks like I will be joining this. Hehehehe....
  12. If Warzone is selected, it would have to be what Code Red does for BRs. Kills for points and wins for more points.
  13. vVv GrimWolf


    Eyyyyy! Another Monster Hunter player. All right! Glad to have more to play with, depending on console and generation of MH. Good luck, stay frosty, and see you around.
  14. https://twitter.com/BruntmyerWolf https://twitch.tv/grimwolf

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