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  1. Hi and welcome. Good luck, stay frosty and see you when you are on.
  2. I have played it when it came out on pc... it's stupid hard with mouse and keyboard and the controllers have major advantage.
  3. I rarely play Siege, but I would be down for this if able to. I play it on PC though.
  4. Welp, looks like I will be joining this. Hehehehe....
  5. If Warzone is selected, it would have to be what Code Red does for BRs. Kills for points and wins for more points.
  6. Eyyyyy! Another Monster Hunter player. All right! Glad to have more to play with, depending on console and generation of MH. Good luck, stay frosty, and see you around.
  7. https://twitter.com/BruntmyerWolf https://twitch.tv/grimwolf
  8. It shouldn't as I went through my profile yesterday and everything was for public. Weird, I will have to check it again then.
  9. Oh! I never saw this... Oof on me. Welcome! Hope you stay active, like really active, though I'm the one to talk. Bahahaha. Hope all goes well for you and you join.
  10. For me it was Super Mario Bros on the NES, I was a year old when I played it. Ever since then, I have been playing video games. Though my dad never thought to push me to be a pro gamer, though he said he regrets not doing so.
  11. Huh? I don't know how to even check for that... 🤔
  12. It could be definitely. It's going back to its roots and the gameplay will be more intense as well. I had local LAN events here, but not many showed up and it was kind of boring winning them all.

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