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  1. I don't have a playlist... sadly. Just music all jumbled... and then whatever YouTube throws at me for listening for a singular song... with each playlist randomized each time.
  2. Have a great time playing with this guy. 100% support
  3. I fear we may be in a bumpy ride.
  4. The build I use for fighting Kirin, though not fully done due to me not getting any gamma pieces, is as follows. Anja Arch III Rath Soul Helm Beta Rathalos Mail Beta Kaiser Vambraces Beta Odogaron Coil Beta Lavasioth Greaves Beta Fitness Charm III The equipment can be whatever, I use Health Booster and Vitality Mantle. The skills are as follows: Rathalos Mastery 2 Fire Attack Lv 3 Critical Boost Lv 3 Weakness Exploit Lv 3 Constitution Lv 3 Critical Eye Lv 2 Normal Shots Lv 1 Spread/Power Shots Lv 1
  5. Yeah, the PS4 controllers kind of suck for people with big hands and the ergonomics isn't all that great. When I got my PS4, it was when Destiny 1 first came out. Other than that, didn't really play any other FPS on it except for maybe Metro and one other.
  6. I don't mind the PS4, just won't play many FPS games on it and fighting games with the controller, gotta have that fight stick for those.
  7. Been telling you to get an xbox, but nooooo! You just have to be stubborn. Or we could all get the next CoD game on PC
  8. All of Godzilla movies, except the one from 1996 made in the US, Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back, and Saving Private Ryan.
  9. I don't have a favorite of all time... But Lucifer and Whose Line Is It Anyway? (US with Drew Carey as the host)
  10. Human Centipede is one of, if not, the most disturbing movies to come to be in terms of "Hollywood" production.
  11. I will be getting the game and Gears 5 as well. I cannot wait for MW.
  12. Never have been a fan of the Nargacuga, but I do see why people would love it. Kirin is a pain, even the Arch Tempered is a pain... Took me a while to slay Tempered Kirin because of the one shot kills it has, but now the fight is extremely easy.
  13. My main weapon is Bow followed by Switch Axe. My favorite monster is Kirin, has been since it first appeared a long, long time ago (I am a long time MH player).
  14. The game is a bit hard to understand, easy and fun to play though. The thing about it is that the whole build system for better damage, support, and survivability is based on the different gear from different monsters. And the grind does get real when collecting specific things. The game overall is fun with other players, can be fun solo if you're speedrunning or if you like to fly solo.
  15. Look good. And the A40's? Nice.
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