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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Infms805 in TheHaxxBot Application   
    Good luck!!! We will have to play some Fort soon
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Infms805 in vVv Gaming Update   
    Make a profile and put an app in. We don’t care who you played with in the past(especially those two) we care who you are right now and we care about how active you are on the site and discord. Add me on Xbox and we can talk. vVv Stitches 
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from HDxWolf in Wolf application   
    Have been playing apex with him and he’s always fun to play with! Good dude and hope to see him with some Vs soon
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Exodus in vVv Merch   
    What are the t-shirts made of? If they are cotton I’ll take an xl if not a large 
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Infms805 in Gears 5 BABY!!!   
    With Gears 5 right around the corner I want to see who will be trying to play competitively, who will be playing casually and who will be playing the first weekend the game drops? 
    Ill be on as soon as the game drops and I’ll be on all weekend long. I’m def playing competitively but I need to find a team first of course 
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Exodus in Gears 5 BABY!!!   
    I'll be on day 1! I have gamepass so I'll be on next Friday all night!!
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Minjaaa in vVv Gaming Fantasy Football League   
    Winner gets a free vVv Jersey or shirt!!! That would be cool I think. I’m down for this 
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Lucifer YT in Favorite Legend... So far..?   
    How things have changed lol my main is now Mirage and then Bangalore, then wattson and then wraith 
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    vVv Stitches reacted to kingbman1992 in TuAsianForU Member Application   
    Thank you ! and back in the day ive been to lans got 4th and 2nd  but always looking for more!
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Hoagie in CGN is back baby!!! (Xbox)   
    You can count me in
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Exodus in Havik's (Raydn) Application   
    About damn time you applied! lol welcome back
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Exodus in New vVv Mission and Pillars   
    I’m not sure, a podcast I’m seriously considering, would be monthly to start and based off how it went that could change. I’ll find out about Twitch but I don’t think you can stream saved gameplay. I want active streamers within vVv streaming on our Twitch channel. I’ll get with Vish on all that tomorrow, CGN’s I want streamed live on Twitch for sure.  After Vish and I talk, I’ll update everyone.
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Exodus in YouTube Video Editor Needed For vVv Gaming   
    Mad weird lol but that was me ^^^^
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv NerdPrblms in Favorite Gears Game   
    Gears or war, gears of war 2, gears UE, gears 3, gears 4, gears judgement in that order! 5 looks eh so far from what I have seen
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Buzz in CGN is back baby!!! (Xbox)   
    July 3, 2019 will be my tenure in vVv Gaming of 10 years. Lets make it a Party!!!!

    Edit... Nope 9 years cuz i joined in july 09 but was just a community member for a year. 
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv NerdPrblms in CGN is back baby!!! (Xbox)   
    I've added this to the calendar. Let me know when your next ones are so I can add them and keep them updated.
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Hoagie in CGN is back baby!!! (Xbox)   
    I've been dying to play Gears 4 again so you can count me in for this!
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Minjaaa in Member Application - Minjaaa   
    Support 100%!!! Has been active since day one and is a great guy. Definitely vVv material 
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Minjaaa in CGN is back baby!!! (Xbox)   
    I’m in, let’s do it!
    Edit: Do the members that are running the CGNs have the ability to modify the event calendar? I think it would be pretty neat to use that functionality for these CGNs.
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Skeensyy in CGN is back baby!!! (Xbox)   
    Awhhhh yeeeeuhhhh! Start yourrrr lancerssss!
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv LordJerith in Volunteers for CGN'S?   
    Stitiches will do fine!
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Exodus in Volunteers for CGN'S?   
    You can do it, you're perfect for it! They're just giving you a hard time.  You're the only one that's stepped up
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    vVv Stitches got a reaction from vVv Savior in Volunteers for CGN'S?   
    ME!!!!!!! I have said this before I’m down to do the Xbox CGNs and stream them as well. 8 est. to 10 est. on whatever game is decided. Gears, halo, cod, apex, Fortnite 
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Exodus in Return of the Community Spotlight?   
    I am totally good with Nero heading that up, he's a perfect fit. I think doing one in July would be good, also we can decide on how frequent we want them done. Personally they need to be spread out because we're still building the community up, I vote one every other month for now.
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    vVv Stitches reacted to vVv Buzz in New vVv Mission and Pillars   
    From my understanding and what ive seen in the shoutbox we have had community game nights but people are getting butt hurt because someone does not show or ends up being late. You dont really need them to start if someone is not there why is no one moving on and taking charge and continuing with the event anyways? Rather than having a CGN for the games people play every day like apex, fortnite, and gears. Lets focus on other games, the freedom of GTA and other Open world games offer lots of possibilities, of things we can do as a group.  Find some sort of exclusivity to the event to get people to attend.  Back in the day for CoDMW2 we used to get people to attend by dropping nukes and making it our goal to just have 2 hours of straight nukes on kids.  find a common goal or something and focus the event around that. Another thing I may suggest and would like to see is the return of vVv Community Teams on GameBattles. This was always a fun team building exercise and allowed us to interact with other members outside the community through competition. I believe its important to stick to our competitive roots, and this would be a great way to do it without getting heavily involved in esports. CGN's would consist of like an hour of community matchups or scrims followed by 2-3 live GB games, we would have to come up with a system to decide who plays in the live games. This could also give us some content to stream on the vVv channel similar to like we did with Friday night starcraft if we choose to go that route. But it would be more like an hour of CGN matchups, with 2 hosts commentating, and if we could get a special guest, that would be cool too, we could use this sort of as a prelim and used as a podcast go over news events interviews etc. then move into the 2-3 GB matchups. or something along those lines. 

    Ive been very open about helping people with graphics and ideas etc. I have helped on producing new ideas on many previous projects, graphics, streams, podcasts, articles, and social media. Im still here to help and constantly posting to help, the only person who has shown any real interest was stitches, whom I have yet  to get back too (dont worry buddy ill sync up with you after this) . I would like to see more feedback from community members encouraging them to suggest and try new ideas. Members have been too comfortable here and just posting "looks great" with no real feedback. We cant advance and grow to produce quality product without new and creative ideas.  we can't do this without pushing each other to go above and beyond to produce quality. People need to loose the vVv is here to help me idea and realize that's not possible unless they help vVv.

    If we are able to pull something like this off we are definitely a well enough established name in esports, I would want to see this go ALL THE WAY. This is something I would want to see vVv completely legitimize and own it. With paid registration, cash prizes trophies etc.  with the goal of becoming a "Farm League" or "Minor League" to Esports.
    Tomorrow's a new day, it's the internet we all have things going on in our lives no one here is against anyone or here to sabotage anything. we all say/do things that another user thinks may or may not like, people need to just back off and re approach the situation. It's natural for arguments to happen in a diverse environment  of creative leaders. If there is never a clash of heads, nothing will get done and quality will go to shit because no one is pushing to pursue and innovate new ideas. At the end of the day we are all vVv and someone else's failed project is a reflection of us all. We need to work more together, to promote and create the best.

    No comment necessary. Action Is swift and appropriate.

    I believe it's Time to erect a staff... Create some type of formality, responsibility, and create accountability

    Create a staff with weekly meetings, and have more formality standards to site operations, Social Media, and the content we're putting out there. Unless it was posted by Jerry, Doom, there has been no formality to any posts regarding site news and information. Our vVv Twitter Looks like a joke. What I would like to see is everyone in vVv to either take up or group up on a weekly or bi-weekly project to better vVv and own it this would really get the ball rolling.  Use our social media to promote these (with discretion) No need to promote 50 ideas at once. I would like to see vVv Operate its stream and generate content as its own brand meaning if were doing a community game night and someone is streaming, It needs too be streamed on the vVv Gaming account. before it can be streamed on another members channel. we need structure, schedules, and responsibility. It seems like everyone here is just leeching the life out of what vVv Gaming was to promote their own streams or agenda. this is going to just run it into the ground. Not much is being brought back to the community, it seems there is not initiative to do anything to promote vVv Gaming. I've posted several ideas throughout the year and it seems nobody wants to get on board and work as a team to pursue any of these all I get are sounds good. If were all here to push a product we should be posting to better the product and support each other's ideas. I think we should only give streamer titles to people who are approved for partnerships by the host provider we need to keep structure to streamers similar to how we limited groups to titles such as gears of war to our pro players and community members who displayed profound efficiency in the given title.  This gives us quality assurance, and allows us to help promote and develop new talent.

    I can volunteer for excellence, I think Ill be a good fit since I seem to just piss excellence. I will use my skills in quality assurance to help push and produce a quality product. I could Provide Graphics, manage content, and offer plenty of creative advice to help oversee and improve content.  I could be useful overseeing and helping produce any and all content as a content manager.
      im always stressing quality. right now i say our quality is absolute shit, Our social media is tanking very heavily, "do you wet your toothbrush before you apply toothpaste?" like what kind of waste my time tweet is that? thats some serious uncle woody's clan shit. I cant stress the importance of social media enough but bringing up that we are in a world of AI/VR we have to remember social media isnt make a post and everyone who follows us, is not going to see it anymore, social media took a huge surge in popularity and so many posts are made throughout the day AI actually filters through everyone's timelines and disregards posts they feel are not relevant to us as users, granted there is an option to maintain twitter and set your timeline up to show tweets chronologically but we have to go out on a limb and assume most users do not have this set up. Social media is set up on a current algorithm based on a point system, and the value is different for each follower. So generating questions like this is something probably only our apps and members will partake in. with that beings said we just lost points in the virtual twitter ranking system.  Our social media needs to stay on topic with current gaming events, topics, and ideas. This is important because when we do have an event to promote we want our audience to see it, without having to spend money on twitter advertising (yes sometimes this does happen where you need to spend money for your own following to see it). Also Retweets a bit ridiculous too we don't need to retweet every post a vVv member makes or these posts about ditching school. They should be retweeting us not the other way around. The announcement of this post on the vVv gaming Twitter should have been published from the vVv gaming account and not retweeted from a member.  So in the future I would like a more elegant professional and resourceful social media account, with standards and guidelines to posting similar to what we have done in the past. Less targeted towards our community and more towards an audience. 

    Forums could also use some work, but yesterday several posts were bumped from 2013 my first reaction reading is like the fuck does the OP have to do with anything related to anything. I'm not pointing fingers, but the user was a moderator, if they were this deep in the forums they should have been closing out and archiving these threads and if they felt to resurge the topic recreate it rather than bumping them. Our forums need to stay clean updated and relevant to the time. Our forums are supposed to be the hub of our community so it should remain relevant and inviting to all of our guests, to encourage them to apply. From a guests perspective when i see the most dated post is a topic from 2013 I just assume dead forum. 

    I would like to keep vVv Gaming seen as a professional organization and not the way its currently being displayed on twitter I want the structure and discipline it had before where we had a group of individuals ready to work on vVv related products. Constantly promoting new ideas to promote vVv Gaming, there is no ownership or structure everyone is just like yeah were going to save vVv. But no new vVv related content is being generated. It was working on these projects that lead to our success in the past, everyone who went on to do successful things in their careers because of what they learned working on the vVv Gaming related projects. Its a machine the gears wont turn if their going in opposite directions. If people want vVv to represent them, they have to do their part.
    The qualities I want to see are people being creative and innovative, I want to see new ideas and take on new projects. I think its important to still think about the growth and future of vVv gaming because as seen before we never know what we could get swept into as a team because of our projects. This current Idea of just being a community of gamers who play together, then all we are are the people who exo quotes as jackasses and ran this community into the ground but at least they had structure and I knew they were playing certain times and everything was less chaotic, they promoted their own events and had a sense of direction. Instead of crying about weather one person was late or didn't show. we carried on and played anyways, if something i did was wrong it was discussed via pm rather than in the shoutbox or discord. We need the Structure and system in place like we have had in the past. and weed out the people here for popularity and fashion. Before vVv Gaming was a resource of information, now looking at our social media i feel its just free ad space for everyone's stream, and childish off topic tweets and retweets. The daily gaming discussion is good, and this idea should be used to promote gaming related topics on our forums and generate content. here. but random questions like wetting our toothbrushes and retweets about pros and cons of ditching school etc. should be discussed on whoevers personal twitter account. same for retweets on streams vVv gaming should be only tweeting out established and approved events and we as community members should be relying on each other and each others followings to retweet each other. the vVv gaming twitter needs to be a privilege and protected as so people should earn their spot to be retweeted and used for ad space. If we want to be community based everyone has to lose the mentality of sitting around saying what can vVv do for me and start doing for vVv thats how communities work. 

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