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  1. Twitch.com/stitches7 mixer.com/stitches7 Twitter.com/mattderamo Instagram.com/mattderamo
  2. Love most of this and we will discuss this all very soon! The only thing I want to make very clear about the AM teams are that getting to rep vVv is a honor! I had the privilege to do so even when people didn’t think we deserved it. I’m for giving people chances but if you do not produce then that team is getting chopped.
  3. Very well said and I would definitely like to have a meeting with everyone from vVv to hear some ideas about various things. I think that is the best way to get things done and to keep everyone accountable
  4. Proud of you and honestly disgusted at the people who left. At a time like this we should all be here together to help us all get over it instead of leaving but hey that’s just me. Love ya ❤️❤️
  5. vVv Stitches

    Teej application

    about Damn time! Good luck with your app and stay active and you will have your v’s in no time 😬
  6. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! Def speed up the app process for this guy ❤️
  7. Good luck!!! We will have to play some Fort soon
  8. Great idea! We can have each map streamed and game streamed to vVvs twitch
  9. vVv Stitches

    Wolf application

    Have been playing apex with him and he’s always fun to play with! Good dude and hope to see him with some Vs soon
  10. Teach me how to play Gears again. Intent/AmpeD left me.

  11. There are support players in comp but I know what you mean! Can’t wait to play together You’re going to end up playing comp I feel 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. This is a solid throwback! Glad you have applied and maybe it’s time to bring back a vVv cod team 😏 good luck!!!!

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