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  1. About damn time you applied! lol welcome back
  2. This looks awfully familiar 😂 good luck my man! PS4 players should def do this
  3. Solid thoughts but I don’t like that because people will be like o change your name to cCc then lol
  4. A lot of us have overlapping schedules so it would be hard but I think my stream and some others are set up to stream on vVvs twitch
  5. It’s sad that I agree that halo was the best console shooter but with that being said they haven’t been able to get anything right lately so we shall see
  6. It’s going to be LIT!!!!! 🔥🔥
  7. Gears or war, gears of war 2, gears UE, gears 3, gears 4, gears judgement in that order! 5 looks eh so far from what I have seen
  8. I look forward to you being there!
  9. Solid idea and idk I’ll have to ask Exodus.
  10. CGN is back and I can not wait for you all to be a part of this! I will be holding the CGN on the first Wednesday of each month starting in July. (July 3rd is the first one) and they will start at 7pm eastern. I will be streaming these on my twitch which is twitch.tv/Stitches7 so please follow and come watch some vVv members and apps have some fun together. We can play any game you all want but I think it is only appropriate for the first one in July to be gears 4. We can play some private games against each other which used to be a blast in the past. Please share this to everyone who is interested and if you have any ideas or feedback please comment below or DM me on vVv. I can’t wait to get this started 🤗
  11. Support 100%!!! Has been active since day one and is a great guy. Definitely vVv material
  12. Lmfao I’m old 🤷🏻‍♂️ I think everyone will have a good time
  13. I mean I don’t have to do it lol less work for me....
  14. We will talk soon about this!!!! Oooo stop it! You know I’m so much fun 😉
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