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  1. Booooooo! Jk hopefully somethings will change now
  2. 🙄🙄 Gears and Cod were always my games. Gears brought me to vVv so it will always have a special place in my heart
  3. 🙄don’t make me play so I can fuck the both of you lol but I agree very active and just an all around cool guy. Def food fit for vVv
  4. Can’t wait!!!!!! Might have to chainsaw some people for Jerry 😛
  5. I like C! Reminds me of the old school stuff
  6. What the fuck are cod points and who wants to play with me?
  7. Play Valorant with me babe ❤️🤗😂
  8. First spot goes to meeeeeeee
  9. Agreed but I believe Milkyy has reached out to everyone individually already. He is probably just waiting for the responses.
  10. Welcome back my dude! Let’s get some games in on Cod soon
  11. I’ll 100% host gears and I’m sure Hoagie would do the cod. I’ll host whatever other games people want to play as long as I have it

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