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    CoD4, Gears
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    Football, Baseball, Wakeboarding, US ARMY Infantry! HOOOAAH
    vVv ViviD went hard in the paint.

    Ranger school next summer, already Airborne and Air Assault :)
  1. Kill yourself.. you wanted it, you got it.. phaggot
  2. Havahk

    Team aVp Application

    I see where youre coming from bro. My b
  3. Havahk

    Team aVp Application

    Except we were t4 in HC1, not much of an accomp. But, we were actually good and people knew it. I was t15 player, our team was t4, we just managed to get fucked out of every single tournament for various reasons. Not like I care, cause winning money don't mean shit to me. I have more than anyone has ever won in cod4 combined.
  4. Havahk

    Team aVp Application

    Nah brah. We're all done. We never played, so we let Intake move on.
  5. Wakeboard and snowboard?? Fucking G

  6. Havahk

    Team aVp Application

    2v2 gone.. top 12 nothing. Beating a team in ladder play doesnt really mean much.. wbb - never played, nmo is bad, zl lulz, supreme was ight, ht is bad, brotherhood who?, resistance was at one point me but nothing special, atz is west coast, envy doesnt always play top but not hard to beat, nk is garb.. I win? Basically what I am saying is, you're nothing special at all.. Does that hinder you vVv chances? Nah, if I was owner, yaaah. But as I said, goodluck. Dont try and come back and say something, I have done what you have x10..
  7. Only interview I actually read and kinda liked.. Why? Cause Veyron is my little protege bitch shit talker boy kid.
  8. Havahk

    Team aVp Application

    Didnt even watch em. I just mean accomplishment wise. No good teams beaten really. I would watch vids, but its most likely stuff I can do but not as good.
  9. Havahk

    Team aVp Application

    I have never heard of any of you. goodluck, but really nothing outstanding from you guys.
  10. Me, Sham and Riot have been teammates forever. Just going on and off when we want to take a break from games etc... Find people you like, get good, bam.. Perfect.
  11. FB or Instinct FTWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  12. Havahk

    Riot's re app

    haha gingerrrrr
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