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    vVv application

    vVv application Name: Cameron Clarke Age: 20 Location: East Northamptonshire, United Kingdom Steam profile link: n/a Battle.Net Tag: n/a What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) Call of duty, it’s the game I’ve been playing for years and enjoy the competitive scene. What are some other games that you currently play? Any story game, as well as other FPS titles like Halo as well as popular games like Fortnite. How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? I’ve been a follower of vVv since Bo2 and have been an admirer of the community they built. Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? I don’t know any member of vVv. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? So, I can join a new community and meet new people with the same goals as me to play in the competitive scene and make content also. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I have an interest in politics and hope to study this at university next September. I also like to hang out with friends whether its sports or nights out. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? By becoming fully engaged in the community and take part in all events and as many tournaments as possible as well as to focus on content in particular Do you attend LAN Events? Not at this stage but it is something I am actively looking at.

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