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  1. I can't really focus a lot of time here though. I have classes and collegiate teams to manage. Plus I'm one of the head admins for CRL this fall. Forums like this are ancient to me. I haven't been involved in one since the HaloTracks forge days in Halo 3. Discord has taken their place in each and every one of my communities. Kinda seems like you're just holding a tree together by holding two branches that don't necessarily connect. I miss vVv, but if I have to jump thru all these hoops and months of waiting to get a membership interview, then maybe it's not for me. Big rip, you guys were set up to do amazing things in the RL and esports scenes.
  2. Closed without ever getting an interview? Yikes
  3. I'm AlphaLuke#0001, nickname almost everywhere just Alpha
  4. Name: Luke 'Alpha' Mlakar Age: 24 [10.16.94] Location: West Lafayette / Fort Wayne, IN Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Alphacca/ Battle.Net Tag: Alpha#13534 What is the game you are currently most active in and why? (only name one game) Rocket League, I kick-started the collegiate community through the College Carball Association and have helped numerous organizations run events. Currently managing 7 teams at Purdue Esports. What are some other games that you currently play? Apex Legends How did you hear about vVv Gaming? Were you referred to the site? If so, by whom? Helped Deathgrasp, Petey, and Mohulis run draft tournaments at vVv from 2016-2019 Who do you currently know in vVv Gaming? How did you get to know them? I know many, many people through vVv Rocket League events. Why are you interested in joining vVv Gaming? I want to help this community re-grow, and feel a part of the community again. What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? I fly planes and drones, and have an eye for art, mainly photography. How do you plan to add value to vVv Gaming? Hopefully, bring back community events for Rocket League or Apex Legends. Do you attend LAN Events? I've attended RLCS seasons 3,4,6,&7, Dreamhack Dallas '19, CRL Finals in Dallas, and MadCity LAN at Ignite Gaming Lounge in Chicago. I may not be that active here on the forum, but I am very engaged with the community on Discord. Thanks for your consideration. Vision. Valor. Victory.

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