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    A large part of what has always made vVv Gaming exceptional is that we only allow the best people to be a part of the community. There is an exclusivity that comes from refusing to lower the standards of what we expect from each other, and from constantly striving to meet those standards ourselves.
    The endorsement application system is designed to give the power to vVv members to decide who they want to be a part of the community. This lets them directly shape the organization, but it also comes with the responsibility of consistently ensuring they are only letting in the best people.
    It used to be up to staff to decide if an applicant was a good fit for vVv, and they were taught what to look for through training and leadership. We wanted to help clarify what an endorsement means, because it's important that you, the community, understand the key traits that determine what a vVv Gamer is.
    A vVv Gamer is Curious: You love to learn, find new challenges and solve problems. You are eager to understand more about the bigger picture of eSports, vVv's history and culture, and you're excited to explore new titles and play with different gamers. You question all assumptions, even if it means being uncomfortable or uncertain, or not having the "right answer." ​
    A vVv Gamer is Passionate: Other people get jazzed when they are around you. You unlock the potential in others and can get other people to love what you love by making it engaging. You actively take the initiative to improve vVv because you understand that this place and this community is only as great as you make it.  
    A vVv Gamer is Collaborative: You foster creativity by sharing ideas and working with others improve both in-game and as a person. You want to answer questions, offer your knowledge, and encourage others to join you on the path of becoming better in every way possible. You look for opportunities to assist others and you have decided that it's your responsibility to take leadership and get involved with the community.  
    A vVv Gamer is Fun: You are not thin-skinned and you don't take offense to every little thing. You also are not callous or make crude, inappropriate jokes. You tailor your humor to your audience. You are classy. You don't degrade other players, you encourage and welcome them. You evangelize vVv to the world, and you actively strive to make other people have a great experience. Maybe sometimes you act a bit silly. I don't know. I'm a forum post, not a cop.  
    A vVv Gamer is Humble: You know that there's no room for ego. You recognize that your own skill is only important because of how well it allows you to help others improve. You positively represent vVv members and our culture on social media, in-game and on the website, because you understand that you are the face of vVv Gaming every time you interact with someone.  
    A vVv Gamer is Social: You relish the opportunity to meet potential applicants and hang out with old friends. Whether in the shoutbox, on social media, or in-game you always look to include new people and give them the opportunity to become a part of this amazing community that you call your own.  
    As a community member, when you are looking at an applicant and deciding if you want to endorse them, look at this list. Does the applicant have these traits? Does this person embody an exemplary vVv member?
    It can be hard to tell someone, "I won't endorse you because I don't think you're a good fit for vVv." Just remember, the applicant who gets angry or dramatic is the kind of person we don't want in vVv Gaming.
    The kind of gamer we want will say something like, "I'm sorry to hear that. What are some ways I could improve, or some things I could do differently." Those are the opportunities to get awesome new members that will continue to make vVv the greatest community in eSports.
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    pantlessprncess reacted to vVv WaKai in What is a vVv Gamer?   
    Great things to go by, even outside of gaming. 

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